• How to Install a Deadbolt in Steps?

    How to Install a Deadbolt in Steps?
    As long as you are proficient in it, the installation process of all SIGNSTEK keypad door locks is very simple, and almost anyone can successfully complete it on their own. If you buy a PLU331 keypad deadbolt on SIGNSTEK but don't know how to install it, then this blog can help you step by step.
  • How Much Does a Keypad Door Lock Cost?

    How Much Does a Keypad Door Lock Cost?
    With the increase of smart devices on the market, most people have begun to put keypad locks on their front doors. Keypad lock is a device that can enter your home without a key. Keypad lock is characterized by a keyboard with a code, or Bluetooth and a smartphone application connected to it.
  • What Is the Best Lock for a Bedroom Door?

    What Is the Best Lock for a Bedroom Door?
    When it comes to door locks, your first reaction may be the lock of the outdoor door, because it directly determines the safety of the house. But have you ever thought that what we usually come into contact with most is the bedroom door?
  • How to get a broken key out of a lock

    Keys are things we often use, locks and keys are one of the necessary conditions to protect the safety of our property. Each lock has only one corresponding and unique key, and the lock can be opened only with the key. The keys are usually made of copper and are very hard, but accidents are prone to occur after a long time. The key will...
  • How about smart door locks? is it safe?

    As modern home life becomes more and more intelligent, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher.It can be seen at a glance from the door locks in use that the emergence of smart door locks makes living in the room more convenient.So, how about smart door locks, are smart door locks safe? Many people still have many questions about the choice of smart door...
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