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DIY Guide: How to Frame a Barn Door?

20 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Are you tired of your old traditional door? Why not install a sliding barn door?

After the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us were invited to work from home or are working from home now. On weekends, most of us reduce outdoor activities and stay at home a lot more than before. 

Facing the same table, door, and chairs every day is quite boring. People with a great love for life have a tendency to change a few pieces of interior design. Small changes can make a big difference.

The sliding barn door has become the favorite option for many individuals. Let’s make your home more aesthetic by installing a sliding barn door. 


Do I need to remove the doorframe?

The doorframe can be an obstacle to the installation of a sliding barn door for many people. But do you really have to remove the door frame before installing the sliding barn door?

In fact, you can install your sliding barn door with most doorframes. Only if the door frame is much thicker than the wall will it be hard for you to protect your privacy with a barn door.

Don’t look for trouble that doesn’t exist. Additionally, you can know the gap between the wall and the door on the sliding barn door hardware manual. You can also add a backer board to widen the gap.

For example, Signstek’s Sliding Barn Door Hardware can be installed with doorframes less than 0.6’’ (1.52 cm). 

How to frame a doorway for barn doors?

To replace your old door with the sliding barn door, you need to remove the old door and frame the door wall.

Removing the old door is surprisingly easy. Remove the screws of the door hinges with a screwdriver. After removing the old door, take off all the hardware attached to the doorframe.

It’s common for you to worry about the holes in the doorframe. Simply smooth out the surfaces with lightweight spackling. After spackling, let it dry completely before sanding it.


How to measure for a barn door?

After the doorway is framed and before installing a sliding barn door, it is the measurement for sliding barn door. 

The sizes of both the sliding barn door hardware and the door panel are determined by the measurement. When measuring for your sliding barn door, make sure you have the width of the doorframe included. 

To measure for the width, measure horizontally from the outside of the doorframe from side to side. To better protect your privacy, add extra 2 to 4 inches to cover the whole doorway. 

For height, measure vertically from the ground to the top of the doorframe. Different from the width, you need to subtract 0.5 to 1 inch to avoid being frayed.

The length of your sliding door hardware track must be double the width of the door. For example, if the door is 36 inches wide, It is recommended to buy a 72 inches long Signstek’s Sliding Barn Door Hardware. Signstek’s Sliding Barn Door Hardware has helped plenty of people to realize the dream of owning sliding barn doors. Feel free to buy Signstek’s products.

We have devoted ourselves to home improvements for over 9 years.

Interested in more about sliding barn doors, read Signstek’s other blog: Things You Should Know about Barn Door.

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