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ST-668 Plus Touchscreen Keypad Door Handle with Lock Key

ST-668 Plus Touchscreen
Keypad Door Handle with Lock Key

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Keypad Door Lever

Keypad Door Lever

PT-R0S00 Electronic Keypad Door Lock with Lever and Keypad

PT-R0S00 Electronic Keypad
Door Lock with Lever and Keypad

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Electronic Door Locks in North America

As the Internet and smartphone penetration increases,
more and more end users in the United States are highly adopting smart technologies,
resulting in considerable growth in the electronic door lock market for a great front door lock.

Types of electronic locks

SIGNSTEK has different types of electronic locks for your variety needs.
From electronic door handle/lever, electronic door knob, electronic deadbolt to electronic handle set,
you can set them as your front door lock security system for your gate or garage.
We also have a variety of looks for your choice, such as touchscreen keypad, round door knob and so on.

Installing Electronic Locks for Safety & Convenience

More security issues, more home automation, more awareness of the Internet of things,
the 2021-2016 US Smart Lock Market report predicts that millennials in the United States will be highly inclined to home automation.
In order to prevent invasion and unauthorized access, the home demand for electronic front door locks has grown significantly.

Your Trusted Supplier of Electronic Locks in North America

Founded in 2014, SIGNSTEK has provided convenient electronic door lock products for your gate or garage,
to hundreds and thousands of homes in North America.
Today, in addition to electronic door lock products, SIGNSTEK has expanded into more home improvement products,
such as table legs, FM transmitters, sliding barn door hangers and so on,
becoming a comprehensive home improvement American company.
Although established for less than 10 years,
SIGNSTEK has rapidly established its foothold in the electronic door lock market with excellent strength and tireless spirit of innovation.
The reason why we can achieve such success is that we focus on the electronic door lock field wholeheartedly,
and have a complete R & D - production system.
Over the years, under the concerted efforts of our strong R & D department and design department,
SIGNSTEK focuses on the development of various styles of electronic front door lock for your gate or garage,
sincerely receiving customer feedback of various suggestions, and continuing to create the second generation of the same lock upgrade style.
Ultimately, these electronic front door locks are delivered to a rigorous and reliable production department,
and then delivered to our customer audience, providing convenience to countless homes.
We have a complete supply chain, so you don't have to worry about shortages.
We are willing to listen to your needs and problems about our electronic door locks 24-7,
from this moment on, let SIGNSTEK become your home butler, guard your home safety all year round!