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What’s the Best FM Transmitter for Christmas Light Show?

02 Nov 2022 0 Comments

The Christmas light show attracts families with its colorful Christmas lights, which are very numerous and cover a wide area, some even spanning acres of land. This, combined with a range of fun outdoor activities, gives the land a festive atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.
Although the general audience will participate in the Christmas light show in mid-December, it is believed that for the person in charge of preparation, they usually start purchasing the necessary items for the light show a month or even earlier. This includes the indispensable FM transmitter at the light show.
As we all know, the distance and music quality displayed by Christmas lights are essential to providing the light show that people talk about all year round.
If your fans can't hear it as they drive by, if it doesn't reach their car radio, then your Christmas light show turns into a bright and drab neon sign with a lot less fun and festive vibe.

Signstek best FM transmitter

Signstek's FM transmitters have everything you need for a Christmas light show.
1. Clear stereo: The control panel and three power amplifiers ensure excellent sound output and a clear signal.
Signstek FM transmitters can also be used for drive-thru services or church parking.
2. High fidelity: It uses the new generation integrated NC FM stereo radio transmitter chip BH1415 from Japan's ROHM company.
Built-in PLL advanced modulation system, audio pre-emphasis, limiter and low-pass filter circuitry,
This FM radio transmitter can support clear, powerful and stable signal transmission.
3. Excellent heat dissipation performance: It uses high-quality aluminum alloy materials and heat sinks to disperse excessive or unwanted heat.
4. Easy to use: The panel uses an LCD to display the transmission frequency. It is easy to adjust and intuitive.
5. Frequency response: The transmission frequency of the low power FM transmitter can be set in the range of 88.1~107.9MHz.
Perfect for drive-thru, Christmas light shows, or creating your own radio station.
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