About Us | Signstek electronic door locks

Founded in 2014, SIGNSTEK has provided convenient electronic door lock products to hundreds and thousands of homes in North America.

Today, in addition to electronic door lock products, SIGNSTEK has expanded into more home improvement products, such as table legs, FM transmitters, sliding barn door hangers and so on, becoming a comprehensive home improvement American company.

In today's American society, with the popularity of smart homes, electronic smart locks are becoming more and more popular, becoming the first choice of many people when decorating their homes.

Have you encountered any of these problems?

You find yourself locked out of your house when you find you forgot your key.
If your house is equipped with an electronic lock, you can simply input in the password to entry the house.

Or if you're an apartment landlord, you need to install locks on every room, but traditional mechanical locks are too complicated to manage, and keeping the keys for each room in order is a big challenge.
And this dilemma, electronic lock can also help you easily solve.

There are also many unexpected benefits to install SIGNSTEK electronic door locks.
This handy product is simple enough for even a child to operate, and you can set multiple administrative passwords to the SIGNSTEK lock at the same time, with more useful features to discover.

And, while offering more features, SIGNSTEK's electronic door locks are as durable as traditional mechanical locks.
SIGNSTEK always puts user safety first, so our door locks are ANSI level 3 certified and waterproof even in rainy weather. Over the years, we have been constantly improving and upgrading security features, committed to providing a higher standard of electronic door lock.

We are willing to listen to your needs and problems about our electronic door locks 24-7, from this moment on, let SIGNSTEK become your home butler, guard your home safety all year round!

910 Foulk Road, Suite 201, Wilmington, Delaware 19803-3159, US