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Heating with Wood: How to Circulate Heat from Fireplace?

23 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Cold weather can keep teasing us for several months in winter. Sometimes the Arctic cold can occur in your state. At that time, a fireplace can be a good partner for you to survive the cold winter. 

But if you have lighted your fireplace to warm you, you would know how difficult it is to manage the heat. Whether you live in a small apartment or house, all of your family numbers will need to sit before the fireplace to get the heat. 

Sitting by the fireplace can give you warmth, but you can rick scalds. Move a little far from the fireplace to keep safe? You won’t feel the heat at all. 

So, what’s the best way to circulate the heat from your fireplace to every corner of your home?


How does air flow work?

The hot air is lighter than cold air, and hot air rises. But does heat only move from the bottom up? 

Of course not. The heat is in the hot air, so if you can blow the hot air horizontally toward the interior space of your home, your home will warm up. 

Air flow in your home should be the key to directing the heat to a larger space. But opening the door to let the wind in can’t direct the heat from the fireplace to specified directions. 

So, how to circulate the heat from the fireplace? You’ll get the answer.


Where is the best place for a fireplace?

The location of the fireplace will determine, to a large extent, how easy it is to circulate the heat.

Your fireplace will work best when it is located in the middle of the main floor. In this way, you don’t have to circulate the heat over a long distance.


How to circulate heat from fireplace?

Here is the point: Heat powered wood stove fan.

Some people like to place a fan in front of the fireplace. It is an electric fan, the same as the one we use in the summer to cool ourselves. It requires electricity to blow the hot air behind the fan to the directed space.

More people choose to put a fan on the fireplace. Wondering what the difference between the two methods is? Only put the fan in a different place? 

Of course not. It is a fan designed for fireplace. Different from an electric fan, it is environmentally friendly. You may be curious to know what it is. Let’s uncover the secret of the magical product: Heat powered wood stove fan

As the name suggests it is powered by the heat from fireplace. The temperature difference between the base and the top of the wood stove fan will drive the motor and run the fan blades.

In most cases, the second method can be a better way of getting heat into the house. If you are looking for a fan for fireplace, buy heat powered wood stove fan. 

Signstek has been focused on wood stove fans for more than 3 years. We offer you heat powered wood stove fans of different sizes. Whether you live in a one-bed apartment or a big house, you can find a suitable fan for your fireplace. 

All Signstek’s heat powered wood stove fans are equipped with the motors imported from Japan, running more smoothly and stably. 

Signstek’s ST-145 4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Blower with Magnetic Thermometer is designed for rooms up to 173ft2. You can also buy 2 ST-145 wood stove fans and direct the heat from fireplace to different directions in your house.

While Signstek’s 2021 new design ST-146 4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan can be used in rooms up to 470ft2.

All Signstek’s heat powered wood stove fans come with magnetic thermometers. With it, you can better know the temperature to avoid your stove fan getting damaged.

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