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How to Unlock A Door Without A Key?

05 Jul 2022 0 Comments

As a professional door lock production company, Signstek often encounters customers who ask the question: How to open the door if you forget to bring the key?

In order to solve the urgent needs of these customers, today we have collected several methods and tools that can open doors without a key, and rated their respective difficulties for your reference.

1. Use an Allen wrench, paper clip or hairpin


I believe you are no stranger to the way such tools unlock, and agents in various movies can always use these tools to open complex door locks in a matter of seconds.

The principle is to mimic the way ordinary keys work, imagine these tools as your keys, and insert the shorter end of the hex wrench into the lower part of the keyhole. Then, gently turn the wrench in the direction in which the key should be turned. You need to put a little pressure on the wrench to do this.

The paper clip or hairpin is then inserted into the upper part of the keyhole, patiently repeating several attempts, plus careful and precise operation, until the door unlocks.

If you want to successfully unlock the lock in this way, you need to have a sufficient understanding of the internal structure of the door lock, and to distinguish which kind of lock you want to open, whether it is a commercial lock or a residential lock.

This also has high requirements for your operation level, and the difficulty is not low.

Difficulties: ★★★★ (5/5)

2. Credit Cards

credit cards

If what you're opening is a door with a spring lock, you can try using everything hard plastic cards like credit cards. Of course, to avoid damage to your property, be sure to use a card that you don't use often or don't care if it's damaged.

The principle of this unlocking method is to push the spring lock. First, insert the card between the door frame and the lock, then bend backwards to push the lock into the door. In most cases, this simple technique will open the door.

However, this method is not a surefire way of unlocking a spring lock, it is more suitable for those locks that have fallen into disrepair and have aged, and the distance between this lock and the door frame is often loosened, so that ordinary people can easily unlock the lock.

If it is a new door lock, the gap between the door frame and the lock is very small, then this method may be more difficult.

While this may seem simpler than using a Allen wrench and paper clip, keep in mind that it only works with spring locks; You can't use it to do deadbolt locks.

Difficulties: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

3. Other unpopular methods

There are other unpopular methods, but either it will cause damage to your door, door lock or door frame, or it will require a whole bunch of complicated tools, and I believe that a person who is locked out of the door and forgets to even carry the key will not carry these advanced tools with him.

So if the above two methods cannot solve your problem, the most time-saving and money-costing way is to ask a locksmith closest to your home to solve the problem.

If you're a person who often forgets to carry your keys and is interested in smart and convenient home style, we also have a suggestion, that is to replace a keypad door lock.

Signstek's smart keypad door lock usually has two ways to unlock, the traditional key unlock and enter the password to unlock, can take into account both security and convenience, while greatly saving your door opening time, in a few seconds can be easily unlocked.

electronic door lock

And the installation is very convenient, each of our locks provides detailed video installation instructions, anyone can also install smoothly.

If you are a Signstek customer and you have a Signstek keypad door lock in your home, this problem will be no surprise for you:

Difficulties: ☆☆☆☆☆ (0/5)

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