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Best Smart Lock for Front Door for a Keyless Home

13 Jun 2022 0 Comments

The lock-and-key system has been in human being’s life for many years. It has improved a lot, from wooden lock, bronze lock to theftproof door lock.

However, the system of traditional door locks is still to open the door lock with the key. It requires you to take the keys with you when you go out.

The arrival of smart door locks has made a difference. The smart door lock is really worth trying. Once you try it, you'll understand why so many people prefer smart locks.


Why replace what’s not broken?

It's normal not to want to change the lock. You may wonder why replace the old door lock that is still working. But traditional door locks have many disadvantages. 

If you think the difference between traditional door lock and smart lock is whether there is a key, you could not be more wrong. Smart door lock can significantly meet most of your needs in different aspects. 

In addition to the convenience of not having to carry a set of keys, smart door lock for front door can greatly improve your home security.

Generally speaking, the structure of smart door locks is more complex than the structure of traditional door locks. Thieves can break into your house with the traditional door lock much more easily than with a smart lock. 

Smart door locks are designed with multiple functions: the low power alarm, mute function, password-free mode, etc. 


How smart do you want it?

You can find various smart door locks for front door on the market, from keypad to fingerprint lock.

Some smart door locks allow you to open the door without entering anything. For instance, the Wi-Fi smart lock lets you lock and unlock the door with your smartphone. With a fingerprint smart door lock, you can simply press your finger on the sensing area.

Although smart keypad door lock can be the entry-level smart door lock, plenty of people are using it. 

Compared with other smart door locks like Wi-Fi, fingerprint, and Bluetooth smart door locks, smart keypad door lock for front door works more stable and can be compatible with doors in different conditions. 

For elder people or little children, it can be difficult to learn and control the Wi-Fi, fingerprint door lock, while it is so easy to open the front door with smart keypad door lock. They only need to input the code.


What’s the best affordable smart lock for front door?

The smart keypad door lock is not only easy to use but also cheaper than other smart door locks.

Signstek’s ST-668 Plus Touchscreen Keypad Door Handle is the main series on Signstek. It has come into thousands of American families.

The sleek design and classic colors (matte black and satin nickel) make it easy to blend into your decorations. 

Password privacy protection: With Signstek’s ST-668 Plus Smart Keypad door lock for front door, you can add random digits before and after the correct code. You can enter the code with a maximum of 40 digits. Even if you install it on the front door, there is no need to worry about home security.

Hidden emergency keyhole: The Signstek ST-668 Plus door lock for the front door will warn you that the batteries are used up. Besides, there are emergency keys. If you forget all the codes or forget to replace the batteries, don't worry. All you need to do is remove the handle, insert the emergency key into the keyhole, and turn the keyhole to open the door. 

Last but not least, Signstek’s ST-668 Plus Keypad door lock for front door costs $88.99. It is much cheaper than other smart door locks. 

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