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What Is Necessary About a Door Lock for a Family With Children?

30 Aug 2022 0 Comments

I'm sure you won't leave your little one alone at home, but even if you're at home with your child, you won't be watching over your child 24 hours a day.

When you're busy with other chores, it's also possible for curious toddlers to crawl around so much that they open the front door of the house.

To avoid this, a child safety lock is particularly important. So when you want to buy a door lock that your child can't easily open, what are the features that are necessary? As an expert in door lock manufacturing, Signstek will advise you to consider the following factors.

Note: In order to take into account the convenience of adults when using door locks, today we will not recommend any door knob covers or door lever fixing tools, not to mention that for children who love to imitate by nature, cracking them is not a difficult task.

children door lock

1. The tightness of the door lock rotation

One of the biggest differences between adults and children when opening a door is the force with which they turn the door lock. For door locks that adults can easily turn around, it may take a lot of effort for a child to open them.

Therefore, it is a good choice to choose a doorknob that is also tight for adults, so that even if a child wants to open the front door out of curiosity, he/she will give up because of not having enough strength.

For this kind of door lock, our recommendation is to choose a round door knob instead of a lever-type door handle, because the internal structure of the two is different, generally the former is more difficult to turn, and it is safer for children.

2. Whether the edge is smooth

For the safety of your children, parents should avoid choosing door locks with sharp or dangerous edges. These door locks could cut your child's hand and even cause more serious injuries. Therefore, look for options that have smooth surfaces and edges and contain the perfect finish material.

3. Deadbolt

In addition to the door lever and round doorknob, there is a mainstream door lock type that I believe everyone is familiar with, that is, the deadbolt. The deadbolt is different from the first two types door locks, its latch is not elastic, but only open lock and close two states.

With the door knob, you can install the deadbolt higher above the doorknob to ensure that the child cannot reach and unlock the door even if he/she is standing in a chair, so that even if your child turns the knob, he/she will not be able to open the door. The daily use of adults will also not be affected, just need to gently turn the turn-piece inside the door to lock/unlock the door.

How to Stop Toddler Opening Front Door

In addition to choosing the right door lock, there are a few other tips to prevent your child from facing danger in opening the front door.

The easiest way to provide child protection for your front door is to install a security door chain. Door chains are generally fixed above the doorknobs, and the optimal height is similar to deadbolts, just make sure your child can't reach it.

This solution is easy to install on doors and door frames, and the doors are easy to unlock for those adults who can reach them. However, this door chain is not so convenient than deadlock, because it requires you to remember to reconnect the security chain every time you close the door, which is still relatively troublesome to do every day.

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