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How to Remove Front Door Handle?

03 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Door locks can be seen in every room of our house. The most frequently used must be the front door handle. It plays the role of ensuring our security.

However, over time, the front door handle breaks down one day due to thousands of use times. In addition, with the rise of high technology, door handles upgrade rapidly. Once it breaks down or you want to replace it with a new model of the door handle, removing the old door handle will be a challenging task.

Unknown to the instruction and the removal method, you may make a mess and end up damaging your door. Taking some time to learn how to remove the front door handle can turn it into an easy task for you.

Different Front Door Handles

In today’s market, there are various types of front door handles. We can generally divide them into two kinds: traditional front door handle unlocked by keys; electronic/smart front door handle unlocked by code or with smartphone applications, also called the keyless front door handle.

For example, Signstek’s electronic keypad door locks help the homeowners get rid of carrying keys all the time and allow you to come in by entering your password mutely, which eliminates the risk of the key being stolen.

Working with different locking mechanisms, the instructions for two kinds of front door handles differ. Therefore, the methods of removal are different.

How to Remove Traditional Front Door Handle?

The traditional door handle has been in existence for over 5000 years. In the beginning, it was made of wood and fastened with nails and was gradually replaced by metal door handles secured with screws.

However, with time going by, more and more people prefer the front door handle with a pretty face. To make it more beautiful, a lot of front door handles are designed without visible screws, which makes them seem more difficult to remove.

Things are not as challenging as you think. It just takes a couple of simple steps to remove it.

Step 1: Prepare your tools:
             Philips-head screw
             Allen wrench
             Paper clip or a small tiny screwdriver
             Flat-head screwdriver


Step 2: Remove the handle of your front door lock

Visible screws: Just find the visible screws on the cover plate that surrounds the handle and loosen the screws with a screwdriver. Next, you can take out the handle along with the cover.

Invisible screws: Look around the joint between the cover and the handle. Find a thin slot and push your small tiny screwdriver or paper clip into the slot. This is the moment to remove the handle. Around the edges of the lid ring, there is a small tab. Put your flat-head screwdriver into it and pry the cover off your door.

Step 3: Remove the latch
Take out the screws securing the latch plate. Then, you can use your flat-head screwdriver to pry off the plate. The plate removed, pulling the latch through the side of your door becomes a piece of cake.

How to Remove Electronic/Smart Front Door Handle?

Step 1: Prepare your tools:
             Philips-head screw
             Flat-head screwdriver

Step 2: Pull out the battery cover on the inside of the door and take out the batteries, exposing the invisible screws to you. There are usually 2 or 3 screws.

Step 3: Remove the screws in step 2 and the screws at the bottom of the base plate. By this, you can remove both the keypad and the base plate.

Step 4: Use an appropriate screwdriver to loosen the 2 screws securing the latch. Pull out the latch and strike.

Signstek Electronic Door Knob/Handle

After removing your front door handle, you would be badly in need of a new one to ensure your safety. Signstek is here for you.

With a high-quality professional research and development team, Signstek aims to offer customers a safer and more convenient life.

Our door locks come with a set of installation tools, making it easier for you.

Considering you may forget the code sometimes, Signstek’s ST-668 Plus Touchscreen Keypad Door Handle, PLU331 Electronic Door Locks, PT-R0S00 Electronic Keyless Front Door Lock Front Door Handle Set, provide an emergency mechanical key, which allows you to unlock the door when forgetting your code.

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