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How to Build a Coffee Table?

10 Dec 2021 0 Comments

In most families, coffee table should be one of the most used furniture. After a day’s work, it’s time to enjoy a cup of coffee or eat some snacks on your couch.

At the moment, your coffee table plays a significant role. With your coffee table, you are able to enjoy your leisure.

Moreover, when your friend comes to your house, what comes into his or her first sight should be your coffee table in the living room. An appropriate coffee table adds brilliance to the style of the whole house.

With the seasons and fashion trends changing, building a new coffee table to adjust your decoration style must be an excellent choice because it is easier to build and cheaper than other furniture.

What is Coffee Table?

Designed to be placed in a sitting area for convenient support of beverages, remote controls, magazines, decorative objects, and other small items, the coffee table offers huge convenience to your rare leisure time.

The first coffee table was built in Europe, far from what it looks like today, 27 inches high. Later, coffee tables were designed as low tables in Ottoman Empire from tables in the tea gardens.

Due to the revivalism, many coffee tables have been made and the coffee table has come into vogue. But it was not used before a sofa or couch until television sets came into more and more families.

Nowadays, the coffee table is made of different materials, such as wood, glass, and metal, and is made in various forms.


How to Build a Traditional Coffee Table?

Traditional coffee tables are usually made of wood, economical and durable. Building a coffee table is no big deal. Follow the steps to build your coffee table.

mitre saw
electric screwdriver
different size screws fit your lumber
sander and sandpaper
wood glue
solid wood pocket-hole plug

(2)Mark and cut all the lumber according to your design using the mitre saw. Then, cut the pocket holes in tails with the solid wood pocket-hole plug.

(3)Use your electric screwdriver to assemble the front and back frames with screws and construct the table top.

(4)Attach your table top to the frames.

(5)The last step is to sand the entire piece with your sander and sandpaper. Make sure to sand the entire surface of your table. If not, you may get hurt by tiny splinters while touching it.


How to DIY an Art Coffee Table with Harpin Legs?

DIY can bring us fun and helps us save money. Have you ever imagined that you DIY an art coffee table just like the one sold in the window?

The minimalism style is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. A table with hairpin legs is an excellent example, durable and easy to DIY. Let’s DIY your dream table.

(1)Buy your ideal table top and hairpin legs. You can also construct the table top with lumber and even paint on it if you so desire.

(2)Attach your table legs to the top with screws (Signstek’s hairpin legs come with screws).


Infinite Possibilities for Your Home

Hairpin legs don’t only fit coffee tables. You can even use them to DIY your desk, dining table, night stands, TV stand, and so on.

The hairpin table legs sold by Signstek, for example, are in heights of 16, 19, and 28 inches! With its simple construction, hairpin legs can blend perfectly into any style of decoration.

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