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Names Diagram - Parts of a Door Knob Set

08 Jul 2022 0 Comments

When you're ready to buy a door knob, it's never a bad thing to know the internal structure of a door lock beforehand. First of all, this allows you to do more with less during the installation process, without having to ask a locksmith to come to the door, you can easily install the home security measures for the front door yourself, and you can also enjoy the fun of the installation process.

Secondly, this can help you choose to buy the door lock that is most suitable for the decoration of your home, a door lock that is just the right size and the right style and color, which helps you build a safe and beautiful house.

signstek yl-99 keypad door knob

Today Signstek will use our most popular YL-99 keypad door knob to explain the various parts of the door knob in detail, which includes the part of the traditional mechanical lock, and also adds some electronic keypad parts that make unlocking more convenient and user-friendly.

You can also find this diagram in the instruction manual of this door lock.

parts of a door knob names diagram

The Knob/Handle

parts of a door knob set

A. Outside Knob / G: Inside Knob Cover

All door knobs will have two internal and external handles, reflected in this illustration, corresponding to two parts, A and G.

The outer handle is usually connected to the lock cylinder to insert the key, while the inner handle is usually connected to the locking mechanism for anti-locking inside the door.

Doorknobs come in a variety of finishes, from simple stainless steel to brass, crystal and even more exotic materials, and you'll find every style you want on the market.

This Signstek's door knob is available in both Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel finishes, so it's a good match for your home décor style whether it's in dark or light color style.

Rosette plates

parts of a door knob set
B. Outside rosette plates / D. Inside rosette plates

Like the door knob, the rosette plates also have two parts, inside and outside, and the corresponding parts in the diagram are B and D.

They are usually a circular plate, the first role is to hide and fix the internal part structure of the door knob, these are usually a little messy, not very beautiful, and secondly also to make your door knob and the style around the door more uniform, so that your door looks more beautiful.

Latch assembly & spring bolt

parts of a door knob set
C: Latch assembly / L: Latch faceplate

The two are usually connected as one, corresponding to the positions in the diagram are C and L two parts.

This is the most core part of the door lock, no matter what type of door lock, whether it is a door knob, a door handle or a deadbolt, there will be this part.

Strike plate

parts of a door knob set
J: Strike plate

This is usually a sheet metal plate, corresponding to the J part in the diagram.

Set screws

parts of a door knob set
E. Mounting screws 
H. Cover plate screws 
I. Wood screws

Keypad door knob parts

There are some parts in the diagram that are unique to the Signstek's YL-99 keypad door knob, which are the following parts.

parts of a door knob set
F. Battery Box
M. LED indicator
N. Keypad
P. Emergency Power Jack
Q. Reset Key

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