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How to Reset Keypad Door Lock?

11 Jan 2022 0 Comments

It’s a universal experience that you forget to take your key or lose the key, so you can’t enter your home. What a trouble!

The invention of keyless entry door locks has turned it around. And keypad door locks are widely used around the world with the keyless design, security, and lower price than smart door locks.

With these, you no longer have to carry a set of keys with you and worry about losing your keys and putting yourself at risk. Only codes are needed to enter your home.

You may have a question: I am so forgetful, what if I forget all the codes?

Don’t worry, the inventors have taken this into account. You can reset your keypad door lock.

Normally, if you forget your user code, you can create a new user code with your programming code by following the guide.

Only if you forget all the codes, have you to reset your keypad door lock.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
If you don’t know how to reset the keypad door lock after purchasing Signstek keypad door locks, this blog will certainly help you.


How to Reset Keypad Door Lock?

There is a reset key in every Signstek keypad door lock and a tiny button in the reset hole.
There are two default codes for per lock: default Programming Code (PC) and default User Code (UC).

ST-668 PLUS & ST-668D electronic touchscreen door lock

(1) Take off the battery cover, the reset key is in the middle of the right edge, next to the batteries.

(2) Inset a pin into the hole to press the button for 5 seconds.

(3) 5 long beeps will indicate that the restoration is completed.

The default PC is 000000, and it must be 6 digits in length. The default UC is 1234, and it must be 4 digits in length.


PT-R0S00 electronic keypad door lock & PLU331 electronic keypad deadbolt lock

(1) Take off the battery cover, the R button (reset button) is below the batteries, in the middle.

(2) Inset a pin into the hole to press the button for over 5 seconds.


(3) The programming will complete after you hear 3 long beeps.


The default PC of this lock is 0000 (4 digits). And the default UC is 1234.


YL-99 digital keyless door knob lock

(1) Remove the 2 cover plate screws and take off the inside knob cover.

(2) Take out the battery box and keep the power line well connected.

(3) Inset a pin into the hole to press the button for 4 seconds until hearing 4 beeps.

The master code will return to the manufacturer code ‘0123’.

If you are confused about how to change the code on your keypad door lock, please read our blog: How to Change Code on Keypad Door Lock Ⅰ & Ⅱ.
This blog describes in detail how to change the initial code of SIGNSTEK's keypad door locks so that you can understand them at a glance.

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