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How to Change Code on Keypad Door Lock Ⅰ

24 Jun 2021 0 Comments

In order to ensure the safety of the keypad door lock, the first thing anyone should do after buying the keypad door lock should be to change the default code.

Because most of the default code of the keypad door lock are very simple when they are set at the factory, either 00000 or 1234, which can be easily deciphered by strangers, it is very important to change a use code that only you know and is not easy to be guessed by others.

If you don't know how to change your own code after buying SIGNSTEK keypad door locks, then this blog will certainly help you.

This blog will describe in detail how to change the initial code of two of SIGNSTEK's most popular keypad door locks so that you can understand them at a glance.

And we will save the remaining two for the next blog post, please look forward to it.

ST668 PLUS electronic touchscreen door lock

There are two default code of this lock: default Programming Code (PC) and default User Code (UC).

The default PC is 000000, and it must be 6 digits in length. The default UC is 1234, and it must be 4 digits in length.

PC is used to set some programs, including setting UC, permissions higher than UC. UC is the four digits you press every time you open the door.

Before programming, please activate the keypad by touching any key.

Only when the keypad light is on, are the operations valid. If the keypad light is off, you need to operation.

Note: During setup, every time you enter the #, you should wait for 1green light and 1long beep.

Well, if you are sure that the above knowledge and preparations are done, you can start to formally change the code.

1. Add new UC

Enter PC→Press #→Press 1→Press #→Enter new UC(4 digits)→Press #→Enter same new UC→Press #

These 4 digits of UC must be different from the 4 digits of the PC.

It's also possible for you to set an individual UC for you guest or tenants, it allows for at most 9 sets of code.

2. Delete an existing UC

Enter PC→Press #→Press 2→Press #→Enter unwanted UC→Press #→Enter same unwanted UC→Press #.

3. Change PC

Enter PC→Press #→Press 3→Press #→Enter new PC(6 digits)→Press #→Enter same new PC→Press #

PT-R0S00 electronic keypad door lock

The default PC of this lock is 0000(4 digits). And the default UC is 1234, the same as ST668 Plus lock.

The UC of this lock does not need to be limited to 4 digits, you can set 4-10 digits in length.

And it also allows up to 6 sets of UC to be saved.

1. Add new UC

Enter PC→Enter the SIGNSTEK key→Enter ①→Enter the SIGNSTEK key→Enter new UC→Enter the SIGNSTEK key.

2. Delete an existing UC

Enter PC→Enter the SIGNSTEK key→Enter ②→Enter the SIGNSTEK key→Enter unwanted UC→Enter the SIGNSTEK key

3. Change PC

Enter PC→Enter the SIGNSTEK key→Enter ④→Enter the SIGNSTEK key→Enter new PC→Enter the SIGNSTEK key.

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