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The Best Keyless Door Lock

17 Jan 2022 0 Comments

For individuals, the thing that must go ahead of the others should be physical security.

Whether you live in apartment in the city, villa in the suburbs, or country house, the door lock should be the first line of security.

However, both convenience and security are equally important. Most of us have experienced the feeling of being locked out, losing our key, or needing to give our friends access to our home.

That’s why keyless door lock is increasingly popular on the market.

With a keyless door lock, you no longer need to carry a set of metal keys with you all day and be afraid of losing your key.

In addition, designed with an encryption function and mute function, most keyless electronic door knobs can avoid the code being peeping.

If you are looking for a keyless door lock, Signstek YL-99 Digital Keyless Door Knob Lock should be one of your first options.


Rated by BESTREVIEWS as 5 Best Keyless Entry Door Locks

This keyless electronic entry door knob with digital lock and passcode has been researched and tried out by experts, and approved by BESTREVIEWS, a mainstream review website. It was rated as one of the five best keyless electronic entry door knobs with locks.

Rated by BESTREVIEWS as 5 Best Keyless Entry Door Locks, Signstek’s keyless electronic entry door knob for your entry door and gate is a secured, classic and unique door knob. It is an affordable and keyless security system without complex additional hardware.


Approved by countless customers

YL-99 Keyless Door Knob Lock has received praise from thousands of users since it came out. It’s one of the best sellers at
Here are some examples of feedback from our customers:

Couldn’t be more pleased with the installation – by Mitchell Fahrer on February 16, 2018
Just installed this lock and it went in very easily. The lock is heavy and feels very substantial.
Programming is also very easy, and the lock has some nice additional features.

UPDATE: After a year, this lock has performed flawlessly on the same set of batteries. Can’t ask for much better than this.

Awesome combination lock indoor/outdoor – by KK Simmonds on April 27, 2021
These are fantastic!!!! We use them on our interior doors as we have two family members with advanced dementia and it helps with hiding items in the house. We are able to keep the rooms safe from being torn through.
Also, love the override battery backup which came in handy when my not so handy hubby tried to install it on his own.

Great for someone really forgetful! – by Deborah Lane on February 19, 2021
I don't know how many times I have locked my keys in my office and not been able to get in, I thought WOW now all I have to do is remember a 4-digit number! This is so awesome.
Highly recommend this lock for the budget-conscious smart home consumer!

Fits regular doors without additional drilling – by James on January 3, 2017
Works great. The best part about this lock is that it does not require additional drilling. The footprint of the unit (where it touches the actual door) is exactly the same as most other locks. I installed this for a metal side gate, which worked great since I didn't need to drill additional holes.


Features of Signstek YL-99 Digital Keyless Door Knob

(1) You can set 9 sets of user codes with a maximum of 15 digits.

(2) Universal fit
It fits most standard doors and the free rotating knob makes it fit both left and right-handed doors.

(3) With the mute function, this keyless electronic door knob can avoid the code being peeping by hearing the length of the beep.

(4) Emergency power supply in case the batteries run out.

(5) With a sleek design and classic stylish colors, it can blend perfectly into any style of decoration.

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