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How to Install Barn Door Hardware?

21 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Are you considering buying sliding barn door hardware? Attracted by the charm, convenience of it?

Literally, barn door was used in the barn. In recent years, barn doors become increasingly popular thanks to the following characteristics: no noise, no threshold, beautiful, hardly taking up any room.

Besides, its low cost and easy installation enable barn door lovers to buy and install their barn doors very easily.

Signstek’s Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware should be one of your top options.

This Sliding Exterior Barn Door Kit is equipped with free accessories including barn door handles, flush barn door pulls, hook latch sets, and adjustable floor guides. One purchase works.

We not only consider the equipment but also manufacture excellent products. Made of high-quality materials and sophisticated forging technology, Signstek sliding barn door hardware can support fixed door panel weights up to 260 pounds.

This guide is going to show you how to install a sliding barn door in your home.

Before the installation

Before buying and installing your sliding barn door hardware kit, you should confirm the width of your barn door as well as the available horizontal and vertical wall space.

Make sure that the width of your door is less than half of the available wall. Only in this way will you be able to slide the door completely open.

Signstek sliding darn door fits for door panel up to 40’’. In addition, leave at least 5’’ clearance above your door to be safe.

Last but not least, please make sure that the header board must be solid wood.

Recommended tools

Tape measure
Electric drill
Lever Drill bits
Wrench and socket set
Phillips screwdriver

1. Install the Sliding Rail

  • Put the rail against the wall and use a pencil to mark where the holes should be. Attention: the holes on the wall should be 111/16’’ higher than the door.
  • Drill 1/4’’ holes with the electric drill
  • Install the rail onto the wall with spacers.

2. Install the Hangers

  • Install the hangers onto the door according to the measurement in the manual. (the pictures below)
  • If your door is over 1 3/4’’ or with a frame or baseboard, please add shims to increase the thickness to fit your door.
  • Install the door stoppers
  • The anti-jumpers are used to protect the door from touching the rail when sliding the door. Drill the holes 1/2’’ away from the edge of the door and install the anti-jumpers onto the door.
  • Turn the anti-jumpers anticlockwise so that they can be stuck between the door and the rail.

3. Install the floor guide and the door stopper

  • Install the floor guide and the door stopper.
  • Put the floor guide first to fix the right place and make a mark so that the tip of the floor guide can work well in the slot.

Barn Door Maintenance

Sliding barn door requires very little maintenance. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintaining the doors and door hardware.

  • Use soap water to clean the door
  • Wipe down the hardware and track
  • Don’t use cleaners that contain bleach
  • Tighten the screws if they get loose and replace any hardware if damaged
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