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Are Heat Powered Wood Stove Fans Worth It?

28 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Are you puzzled about how to handle the heat with your stove?

When you just find a cozy place to get heat in front of your stove, it will slowly start to get too hot. A little later, you will find yourself unable to tolerate it.


However, once you move several inches further, the heat won’t touch you at all.

If you have a wood stove, you must understand what I am saying. Making the area warm and comfortable with your stove is impossible?

Of course, there is a way. Do not allow your failures to blind you. Get a wood stove fan. It will heat your room evenly due to its excellent air circulation feature.


Are heat powered wood stove fans really worth it? This question must have come to your mind.

Here, you will learn why so many families love wood stove fans. Believe me! After that, you will be eager to buy one to help you shield yourself from the cold.


Is heat powered wood stove fan easy to use?

Incredibly easy!


All you need to do to run your stove fan is set the fan on top of the stove. As the stove comes up to temperature, the fan blades start spinning.

Since the hot air is lighter than cold air, the heat rises. A very small proportion of heat can touch you. That’s why you have to stand by the wood stove to warm yourself up.


But now, with the fan blade rotating, a part of the hot air goes horizontally forward and warms up your room.

One thing to note: place your fan in the best position for operation.

How do heat powered fans work?

It sounds amazing. The heat powered fan doesn’t require batteries, environmentally friendly.

The heat powered wood stove fan works when there is a temperature difference within the fan.

That’s the motor. There is a thermo-electric motor at the base of the fan. When your wood stove heats up, the heat difference between the base and the top of the fun creates a voltage and drives the motor.

Then the blades of the fan rotate, blowing the heat to every corner of your room.


So, the motor should be the key part of a stove fan heat powered. When selecting your wood stove circulation fan, you should notice the quality of the motor.

Signstek’s eco-friendly 4-blade heat powered wood stove fan blower with a magnetic thermometer, for example, is equipped with a motor imported from Japan. It runs more smoothly than a normal motor and makes almost no sound. In addition, with the imported motor, Signstek’s stove fan has a long life.vIt runs between 50°C(122°F) to 345°C(653°F), fit for most wood stoves.

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Wood Stove Fan

Size of your apartment or room

It is crucial to know the size of your room before the purchase of a wood stove fan.


If you buy a small stove fan for a large room, it will be difficult to warm up the entire room; on the contrary, with a large fan for a small room, you will feel it too powerful.

Do pay attention to the suitable room size of the fan.

Capacity of your wood stove

How much heat can your wood stove generate? If its output is low, equip it with a fan that works on low heat.

Temperature sensitivity

There are two important parameters: operating temperature and optimum temperature.

A stove fan only if the temperature is between the maximum operating temperature and the minimum one. And only when it reaches the optimum temperature can the stove fan show a perfect performance.

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