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Secrets of Heat Powered Fan: How Do Heat Powered Fans Work

11 Feb 2022 0 Comments

In the cold winter, we have to spare no effort to keep ourselves warm. The most common way should be getting heat from the wood stove.

We live in the age of science and innovation. Technology has reached every aspect of our life with various inventions.

The heat powered fan, what we call the stove fan, should be one of the most useful inventions. It saves the life of people who mind the cold, dramatically speaking.

It is easy to see that the heat powered fan changes the complete distribution capacity of your stove. There is no connection to a power outlet or batteries either. Do you know how heat powered fans works?

Let’s uncover this secret.

Without a heat powered fan

Before the appearance of heat powered fan, you have to stand in front of the stove to feel the heat.

That is because the hot air is lighter than the cold air, so the heat rises. Most of the heat escapes directly above before your eye. You just have a tiny fraction of the benefits.

If you have used the stove, you must understand how hard it is to handle the heat.

If you want to get more heat, there is no choice but to stand or sit nearby. But you will find yourself in danger of scald.

However, once you move a little bit away from the stove, the heat won’t touch your body at all.

What a dilemma.


With a heat powered fan

The use of stove fan is foolproof. The only thing you have to do is put your fan on top of your wood stove and leave enough space behind it to rotate.

It drives the hot air into your room, creating a longer and steadier airflow. That’s how it makes it possible for you to keep warm in every corner of your room and stay away from the risk of scald.


Is it magic?

Heat powered fan brings warmth from the stove to every inch of your room without electricity. How do heat powered fans work? Magic?

The principle is not as complex as people believe. It is a thermoelectric fan. There is a thermoelectric motor that uses heat from wood stoves to drive fan blades: The heat difference between the base and the top of the fan creates a voltage, its own electricity, driving the thermoelectric motor.

The stove fan is environmentally friendly. There won't be any additional charges.

Which fan to choose?

We highly recommend Signstek’s Eco-friendly 4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Blower with Magnetic Thermometer to you.

The motor of Signstek heat powered fan is imported from Japan, running much more smoothly than a normal motor and making almost no sound. Long life is another selling point.

Our stove fan is 4-blade which concentrates heat better than 3 and 2 blades. The EF-145 can accommodate up to 173ft2 and 430ft2 for the 2021 new design EF-146.

Signstek’s stove fan can be used on most stoves.

Signstek aims to provide powerful products at low prices. EF-145 heat powered stove fan costs $29.99 and EF-146 just $45.99.

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