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How to Install a Door Knob?

28 Sep 2021 0 Comments

If you buy a Signstek door knob, but don’t know how to install it, then this blog will help you a lot.
In this blog, Signstek will divide the content into two part: Preparation and installation instructions.


Before starting to install the lock, prepare all parts you need and outline the process is very important. Everything must be carefully examined before we act, then twice as much can be accomplished with half the effort.
All the parts you should prepare:

  • Door Lock
  • Inside Knob Cover
  • Wrought Box
  • Emergency Power
  • Strike Plate
  • Wood Screws
  • Cover Plate Screws

You don’t need to buy these parts specially, they are free in the YL-99 package.

Lock components:

 lock components

Installation Instruction

door lock installation

Step 1: Install latch

Insert latch and then drill 2x3mm holes for mounting screws and fasten latch.

Step 2: Install strike

Close door and mark horizontal centre of latch on to door frame.
Mark vertical line where door edge meets frame and measure in half of door thickness to final vertical centre.
door lock installation
Extend both lines until they intersect and drill a 25mm hole to 15mm depth.
Position strike plate and mark around edge.
Chisel frame to approx. 1.5mm depth or until strike sits flush.
Drill 2x3mm screw holes and fix strike to frame.

Step 3: Install outside knob

Feed the power cable through latch and guide spindle through until outside rose sits flush.

Step 4: Install inside knob

Feed power cable through hole in knob and guide spindle into handle.
Screw inside knob to outside knob using mounting screws.

Step 5: Plug in battery box

Insert power cable into battery box and position box in line with cover screw holes.

Step 6: Install inside cover plate

Position cover plate over battery box and align with screw holes.
Fasten screws to secure cover plate to inside knob.

Look what our customers say:

A customer purchased on March 12, 2019:

THIS PRODUCT KICKS MAJOR BUTT MY FRIENDS!!!THIS DOOR KNOB LOCK SHOULD BE PRICED AT $199.99!!! For those who suffer from ( I can’t install it right and now I am going to leave a bad review ) I am sorry for your lack of knowledge and project characteristics to complete a put together with directions included an AWESOME product like this one. It looks like we are a SECRET government agent house. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming out with this AMAZING PRODUCT!! The price for this thing is so low that I have bought 6 already and if the prices stay low like this I am going to buy 30 more and resell them to my friends and family when they ask me how did I get these and I will reply with I have many in my garage let’s talk. 5 STAR QUALITY AND FIVE STAR RESULTS!!!! All others with negative comments or reviews go on YouTube and learn how to install the right way, don’t get mad at the owners and sellers of this AWESOME product just an Amazon Buyers Thoughts.


A customer purchased on November 1, 2017:

Compact, effective, and a great value Installing it was not particularly difficult, but you need to follow the directions in the order they give them, and you will be fine. I will see how long the batteries last. I set the lock every night when we go to bed and then in the morning I set it to "passage" mode so that everyone can get in and out of the pantry as needed.


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