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How to Open Door Lock Without Key

17 Sep 2021 0 Comments

For the umpteenth time you've reached into your pocket to pull out your keys, only to discover that you had left it behind on the other side of the wall, and you turned to Google to figure out how to open door lock without a key.
Some YouTube videos and other websites may show you how to pick a lock with a gadget that looks easy, but when you do it, your door will never open.
This is probably a good thing for you, as thieves will also see these tutorials using the same methods to open your door, and it's only when they work that you really need to start worrying about your home security.
In fact, It's very easy to open door lock without using the key.
If you're one of those people who often forgets your keys, the best thing you can do is replace your mechanical lock with a keypad door lock.

Keypad door lock without using the key

Are you suffering from being unable to open the door lock after dropping the keys? Have you imagined how those days be easy when you don’t have to keep the door lock keys in your pocket?
With convenient keypad door lock, you don’t have to double-check the keys when you leave the house. Just close the door behind you without using the key, the keypad door lock has already been activated to protect your home security.
When you come back to home, just enter the four - or six-digit code and you can easily open the door.

Convenience for Multiple Applications

Customizable user code

With keypad door lock, you could program up to many individual codes for family, friends, contractors or dog walkers, or a one-time use temporary code for visitors and service personnel.

A master code features for added security. By master code, Administrator can modify & delete users. Perfect for landlord to manage tenants. Suitable for home, office, school, bank and so on.


Forget to lock your door? Set your lock an auto-lock after 30 seconds for peace of mind. Take PLU331 electronic keypad deadbolt for example: keypad 1 stands for 10s, 3 for 20s, 5 for 30s, 7 for 40s, 9 for 50s.

keypad deadbolt

Password-free Mode

When your guests come home, you can set this mode so your guest can unlock the door with any code and #.

Enhanced Security

Encryption function

Signstek ST-668PLUS touchscreen keypad door lock and YL-99 keypad door knob ensure that strangers cannot steal your password by looking at worn-out keypad digits or watching you nearby when you enter the password. This function allows users to type in random digits but can still gain access as long as 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.

keypad door knob

Mute function

Press # to set locker locked mutely so that strangers cannot steal your passwords by hearing length of keypad digits when you enter codes.

Solid and Durable

Signstek keypad door locks are made of zinc alloy with metal building. Certified with FCC and CE certification.

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