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How to Heat Up a Room with No Power?

03 May 2022 0 Comments

Have you experienced a power outage on cold winter days? Have no choice but to suffer from cold?

It must be a bitter experience and no one wants to refresh that memory. Heating a room without power can be a challenge, but if you and your house are well prepared, it can be a piece of cake.

Here are a few points you can start with and Signstek picked up some specific ideas for you.


The best ways to heat up your house


Take advantage of the sunlight

If the electricity in your home goes out during the daytime or on a sunny day, then opening all the curtains to make full use of the sunlight should be your first option.

Sunlight is a combination of bright and radiant heat. When the sunlight reaches your home, the air inside becomes warmer by absorbing the heat from the sun. It costs no money and will not harm the environment.


Close off rooms and gather in a room

Heat flows spontaneously from a hotter to a cold body, including the air. With all the doors in your home open, scarce heat will run with the flowing air. You will have nothing but the cold.

Humans give off radiation all the time. So, when there is no way to get heat, getting together in a room can make you feel a little warmer than dispersing to different rooms.


Add stove fans to your wood burning stove or propane radiant heater

Burring a wood stove or propane radiant heat is the top choice of thousands of American families.

But most of the heat produced by traditional wood stoves runs from the chimney. It requires you to be nearby the stove to get the heat. As long as you have experienced it once, you will know how difficult it is to handle the heat. Move closer to the stove, then you may feel too hot and risk injury; move a little further, then the heat won’t touch you at all.

Luckily, the heat powered wood stove fan can perfectly solve this problem. Simply put it on your stove, then it will distribute the heat to every corner of your home.

Signstek’s Eco-friendly 4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan can balance the living room and kitchen temperature when you burn the wood stove. It allows hot air to circulate throughout the room, leaving you a warm and comfortable environment in the cold winter.


What emergency items to prepare for a power outage?

As we have mentioned yet, heat powered wood stove fan and propane radiant heater can help you a lot during a power outage.

You should also prepare emergency candles or flashlights for the power failure at night.

In addition to alternative heating and lighting, alternative food sources matter. For example, store canned or packaged foods that can last between 1 and 2 days.

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