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How to Measure for a Barn Door?

04 May 2022 0 Comments


Installing a sliding barn door adds charm to your home. Sliding barn doors not only cost a little but also take up less place than traditional swinging doors.

As you are able to select the door and the sliding door hardware according to your preference and the decoration style of your house, sliding barn doors can easily blend in with the surroundings.

Wondering where to install a sliding barn door? It is great for kitchen, closet, pantry, home office, etc. But it’s not suggested to build a sliding barn door for your bedroom or bathroom that needs privacy since there is a small gap between the wall and sliding barn door.

Measuring for a sliding barn door is more complex than measuring for a swinging door. It requires you to add extra inches to the size of the doorway and make it fit the sliding barn door hardware.

So, how should you measure for a barn door? Let’s uncover it.



To make sure that your sliding barn door can protect your privacy, you should add at least 1 inch on each side to overlap the opening, 2 inches will be better.

If your make the door the same big as the doorway, light and sound will escape through the gap between the door and the wall.


How wide should your barn door be?

For the width measurement, measure the doorway from one side to the other. And add at least 2 inches. If your wall is wide enough, we recommend adding 4 inches. If your doorway has molding, measure from the outside edges of the molding frame.

For example, if your opening is 36 inches wide, make a 38 to 40 inches wide door.


How to determine your barn door height?

First, to make sure that your sliding barn door opens and closes smoothly, the sliding barn door should be 1/2 inch above the floor.

To measure the height of the sliding barn door, measure from the floor to the top of the doorway. Besides, add 1 inch to the number you get. 


How long should the barn door hardware track be?

The prerequisite for installing a sliding barn door is that the wall should be wide enough. To make sure that your sliding barn door can open and close completely, the wall next to the doorway should be at least the same wide as the door.

And the track of the sliding barn door hardware should be twice as wide as the door. For example, a 38 inches wide sliding barn door needs a 76 inches long track.


Where to find excellent barn door hardware?

Although one of the top advantages of sliding barn doors should be lower cost, don’t buy a set of sliding barn door hardware of poor quality due to a low price.

The quality of the sliding barn door hardware determines the lifetime of your sliding barn door. In addition to lifetime, with poor hardware, it will be difficult to open and close the door smoothly. You may even risk your safety: the sliding barn door may fall someday.

So, when considering installing a sliding barn door, you’d better pick a sliding barn door hardware kit of good quality and fit your doorway.

Signstek provides sliding barn door hardware kits in different sizes: from 5 ft to 8 ft. They are made of high-quality materials. With the sophisticated forging technology, they have three protections: waterproof, rust-proof, and fireproof, keeping your family’s safety. With a high-quality pully design, they roll silently and stably.

If you are looking for a sliding barn door hardware kit, then you can’t miss Signstek’s Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit.

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