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Best Fans to Move Wood Stove Heat at Signstek

03 May 2022 0 Comments

Heat powered wood stove fan should be one thing that you can’t live without during the cold winter. It helps circulate the heat produced by the stove around your house. It also saves on fuel consumption.

There are so many heat powered wood stove fans on the market. How to choose the right wood stove fan for your home to get the most heat from the stove?

Signstek has focused on developing heat powered wood stove fans for more than 5 years. We have listed the main factors that you have to consider when investing in a new wood stove fan. 


Self-powered (heat powered)

According to the power source, stove fans can be divided into 2 categories: electric powered stove fan and self-powered (heat powered) stove fan.

Now, most stove fans are powered by heat, but some fans remain electric design. The heat powered wood stove fan is environmentally friendly. There is a motor at the base of the stove fan. The motor runs by the heat difference between the base and the top of the fan.

For example, the motor of Signstek’s best wood stove fan is imported from Japan. It runs more smoothly and makes almost no noise. There won’t be any additional costs.


Number of blades

Generally, the number of blades determines how much heat the fan can push into the room. On the market, you can easily find heat powered wood stove fans with 2 or 3 winged blades. However, the best stove fan of Signstek has a 4-blade design, better concentrating heat.


Operating temperature

The heat powered wood stove fan won’t work at all temperatures. If the temperature is too low, then the voltage produced by the heat difference between the base and the top of the fan can’t make the fan work. If it is too hot, then you may damage the motor.

Signstek’s bast thermodynamic wood stove fan is designed to work on the surface where the temperature is between 50℃ and 345℃ (400°F and 650°F).


CFM rating (200/392°F)

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is the parameter that measures how much heat a fan can blow and circulate within a meter. The heat powered wood stove fan with a larger CFM can move large volumes of hot air from the wood stove to every corner of your home.

Signstek’s new design ST-146 Heat Powered Wood Burning Stove Fan fits rooms up to 430 ft2, CFM 120. And the old version EF-145 can be used in rooms up to 173ft2, CFM 90.


Safety tips and precautions when using Stove fans:

When operating, the heat powered wood stove fan can be extremely hot and the blades are open. It is dangerous, so, please keep the stove fan away from children and pets when in use.

Don’t touch the heat powered wood stove fan while in use. If you have to move or carry your stove fan, always do so by the handle and wear gloves.

Use your stove with a thermometer to find out what the temperature is in real time. The temperature above the maximum will damage your heat powered wood stove fan.

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