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How to Hang a Barn Door? — Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

21 Mar 2022 0 Comments

A well-designed door not only makes your home life more convenient but also improves your room’s image.

Sliding doors have become a timeless trend in modern home decoration. It is easy to see why: they take less space and add charm to your room.


There are two types: sliding barn door and bottom rolling door. However, the bottom rolling door system can be a shelter for dirt and you would catch your foot on the track. And The former is most often used thanks to the low cost and easy cleaning.

If you are considering how to design your interior door, then you can’t miss sliding barn doors.


When you get here, you might have a doubt: The sliding barn doors seem to be an ideal choice. But it sounds difficult to install a barn door? How can I build a sliding barn door?

Take it easy. You can easily make it even if you are not an expert.


How can you hang a barn door on the wall?

The connection between the push-pull door is the heavy-duty door hinges. What is the connection between the wall and the sliding door?


The sliding barn door hardware kit.

The sliding barn door is hung by the hangers at the top of the door. A sliding barn door hardware kit contains rails, shims, rail spacers, door stoppers, anti-jumpers, and so on.

All you need to do is install the rail onto the wall and install the hangers onto the door, then hang the door.


How to select barn door hardware?

As all the weight is taken by the rail and hangers, you need to equip a set of sliding barn door hardware of good quality for your sliding door.

Otherwise, you will run a risk. If the hardware is not strong enough, your door is likely to drop one day.


So, what should you pay attention to when selecting the hardware?

The first element to notice is the door weight capacity. If it can support a door weight up to 200 pounds, according to the instruction, then you can’t hang a door heavier than 200 pounds.


The material: stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The two are suitable for sliding barn door hardware due to high strength. Hardware made in stainless steel or aluminum alloy is waterproof, fireproof, and rust-proof, providing a safe and secure life for your family.


Stable and quiet: With high-quality pulley design, it will roll silently and stably, making it easy to open and close.


Last but not least, don’t ignore the width: the rail should be twice wider than your doorway. Then you can open the door completely.


Where to find cheap sliding barn door hardware of good quality?

You can find a cheap sliding door hardware kit of good quality in Signstek. It only costs from $54.99 to $64.99, varying with the size.


Signstek’s J-shape Black Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits not only meet all of the above requirements but also come with all the accessories you need for the installation: barn door handle, flush barn door pulls, hook latch sets, and screws.

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