Where to Find the Best Door Lock for Airbnb?


More and more people tend to choose Airbnb instead of hotels. You can experience different home styles.

Airbnb is a good choice for homeowners to earn money. But it’s a difficult task to rent your home to strangers and secure your property. Before becoming an Airbnb renter, you should make full preparation. Or else, it will not be worth the candle.


The door lock should be where to start. But what is the difference between the door lock suit for Airbnb rooms and other homes? How to select a door lock for your Airbnb home?

Let’s learn about it for your property.


How to select door lock for Airbnb?

At first, don’t consider a traditional electronic door lock. It won’t be possible for you to give keys to every tenant because Airbnb provides many short rents.

For example, if the tenant lives in your home for 2 days, with a traditional door lock, you will have to give and take back the key within two days. It’s so inconvenient. You have your own work and renting is not all of your life. Don’t let it take you so much time.

A keypad door lock can solve this problem perfectly.

Home security

As a door lock, the most basic and the most important function is to enhance home security.

Generally speaking, keypad door lock has a better security performance. With a harder mental lock cylinder, mental keypad entry door lock is less likely to be damaged.


Besides, there are keyless door locks with encryption function, which enables you to add random digits before and after your codes when entering the codes.

For example, if your code is 123456, then you can enter 876123456543 or any other digits that contain the right code to open your door.

This function can effectively help you avoid code being peeping.

Ease for use

A keypad door lock will save a lot of time for you.

After installing a keyless entry door lock, you will no longer have to meet the tenants to give and get back your key.


All you have to do is to set codes and delete codes. Once you receive an order, set a code for the client; if the client leaves, delete that code.

You can set several codes for future clients, one set for one tenant. Send one set of the code to them on the day they arrive. Then delete that code after they leave.

Signstek ST-668D keypad door lock

Signstek aims to provide excellent home improvements at reasonable prices, especially the door locks.

Signstek’s ST-668D electronic touchscreen keypad door lock for front door should be your top choice.

It is highly praised by many Airbnb homeowners for its easy use and low cost. The programming is foolproof and you can easily understand it by reading the instructions. In addition, there is also a video and blogs helping you make it.

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