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Apartment Door Lock to Enhance Security When Renting

22 Mar 2022 0 Comments

In this modern society, most individuals live in big cities for work and pay rent.

However, burglary is rampant and residential properties are much more likely to be burglarized. What can we do to enhance our security and avoid intruders?


Keyless entry door lock: effective and affordable

As the door lock for an apartment is the first line of defense, choose the best door lock for your apartment.

Keyless entry door lock boasts sophisticated technology and convenience.


Safer: Generally speaking, when it comes to home security, keyless entry door locks perform better than solid wood lock cylinders. The cylinders of keypad entry door locks are made in mental, stronger than traditional door locks.


More convenient: As the name suggests it needs no keys to open keyless door locks. It’s a real boon to those who are troubled by carrying keys all day.

With the keypad door lock, it only requires you to enter a code of 4 to 6 digits to open the door. There will be no need to be afraid of your keys being stolen or losing your keys.


Signstek ST-668 Plus Touchscreen Keypad Door Handle

This keypad door lock is one of the best-selling door locks. It is highly praised by customers.


Easy to install — by E-Rock reviewed on Jan 21, 2022

It took longer to take the old knob off than to install the new lock. I ordered two door that did not have deadbolts. the setup was very easy as well. I would recommend the door lock to anyone.


Perfect fit – by Marek M. on December 7, 2019

I am going to give big 10 for this lock, is very solid made easy to installed and I did not have problem with programming.


Like them better than my initial impression – by Tamera Loganbill on March 22, 2021

They have held up well over 2 years of use, the black has worn off the top inside portion of the handle and has a few scratches from rings. Still on the original batteries, which is pretty amazing.


Signstek ST-668 Plus Touchscreen Door Lock has anti-peep password design: You can enter any random digits in front of and behind the correct password (random digits + correct codes + random digits). Do not have to worry about your codes being peeped.


Last but not least, there is an emergency keyhole. You can give the emergency keys to your friends nearby. If you forget the codes someday, just remove the handle with a wrench, insert the mechanical key and turn it. The door lock will open.


Such a perfect apartment door lock costs no more than $89. And it comes with all the screws needed in the installation and even 4 batteries.


If this touchscreen door lock is out of your budget, we still offer a cheap, but also safe keyless door lock.


Signstek YL-99 Digital Keyless Door Knob Lock

Signstek YL -99 digital door lock is priced at $52.99. The difference is there is no emergency key and encryption function.

But the YL-99 keypad door lock allows you to set the codes up to 15 digits, not limited to 4 or 6 digits. This function makes it difficult for thieves to peep your codes.

Signstek YL -99 digital keyless door knob should be the most economical option for your apartment.

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