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How to Fix a Door Knob with Keypad

07 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Everything has a limited lifespan, and door knobs are no exception.

Although Signstek’s door knob can serve for you home for almost up to 10 years, it also will have some objective and artificial problems in the future.

If you have encountered the problems like following list of Signstek keypad door knob, you can fix it as this article’s instructions.

keypad door knob

1. Disconnected Well

Firstly, check whether the power line is well connected.

Circuit connectivity is a prerequisite for your electronic keypad lock to work properly.

If your power line is not connected properly, the numbers on your electronic keypad will not display.

Secondly, check whether the four “AAA” alkaline batteries are loaded.

The lock requires four “AAA” alkaline batteries which are housed in the internal handle. You should provide the batteries by yourselves.

The lock has a low battery indicator when unlocking the door will sound a continuous beep and followed by a single beep.

New batteries should be installed within approximately two weeks after you hear the low battery indicator.

If the batteries are completely run out, you can use the emergency backup power to power the lock.

Please ensure the batteries in the lock are replaced immediately.

Thirdly, check whether the positive and negative of the four batteries are not reserved.

If the positive and negative terminals of the battery are reversed, no current will be generated in the circuit at all.

keypad door knob

2. Can’t unlock

There are several possibilities for this situation to happen:

- Code is invalid. Your code may be changed by other people in your house. You can check with them firstly.

Or your code didn’t set in a correct rule. The digits of code can’t be less than 4 digits. Door should always be ajar when creating/changing codes.

- Please be sure the keypad light is on, and then enter the code to unlock.

The user code must be entered while the blue backlight is on. If the light goes out, you must re-enter the master code to unlock the lock.

- Please enter the correct code and press the “#” key. Turn the knob within counting down 4 seconds.


If the above content still can’t solve your problem, please feel free to contact us any  questions at if you buy the door knob from

Our warranty period is within 365 days from the date of purchasing.

Note: This warranty doesn’t cover human-made damage: the appearance was artificially stained, scratched, broken and so on. This warranty also doesn’t cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from the repair or installation of this product by anyone unauthorized by Signstek.

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