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The Best Black Door Knobs in style at

30 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Anyone with a taste for elegant things would love door knobs.

This kind of door lock has a beautiful rounded shape, shimmers in the sun and feels comfortable when you hold the door open or close. For a lot of families, whether as an outdoor door lock or indoor door lock it is very suitable.

If you're looking for a black door knob, you can't miss Signstek's stylish black YL-99 keypad door knob.

black door knob

A hit recognized by thousands of users and review sites

It's been more than seven years since the first version of the YL-99 keypad door knob was released in 2014.

In the past 7 years, Signstek keypad door lock has been constantly innovated and improved. The YL-99 keypad door knob has been praised by thousands of users on various e-commerce platforms.

Some real reviews from our customers:

J Robin from the U.S. purchased on November 10, 2016:

Installed and programmed very easily. Directions are clear and well written. Quality seems to be top-notch. This lock has solved a space issue where I could not use a Schlage (overall size is too large). I will update if there are any issues that develop with either reliability or finish, as some previous reviews have disclosed. I have used the Schlage digital in other doors for years and they have been unquestionably reliable so I am on new ground here. So far so good and this lock works exactly as advertised and looks fantastic.

FOLLOW UP: This entry has been in use for over 10 months and has worked flawlessly. Original battery still works fine and the finish has remained good while installed on a shop door which is completely exposed to typical SE PA weather.

SUMMARY: 8/13/19 This lock has been in service for almost 3 years now. Function and finish still perfect. I've only changed the battery once so far and did that as a preventative measure only, as there was no indication of necessity.

black door knob


Mitchell Fahrer purchased on February 16, 2018:

Just installed this lock and it went in very easily. The lock is heavy and feels very substantial. Programming is also very easy, and the lock has some nice additional features. I especially liked the “encryption” feature in case someone is looking over your shoulder while you are typing in the code. This lock is going in our carport to an attached shed which is obviously covered, but exposed to the outdoor elements. My only question is how durable it will be. I will post an update when I learn how well it performs over time.

UPDATE: After a year, this lock has performed flawlessly on the same set of batteries. Keypad lights up at night for easy 24 operation. Can’t ask for much better than this.


black door knob


Gibson59 from Canada purchased on February 25, 2020:

I was really surprised at the overall quality of this unit. It's very well engineered with some satisfying heft to it! Installation was a breeze and it fit my closet door perfectly without having to make any modifications to the door. After installing the batteries (not supplied), it took only a few minutes to set my passcode. I like they keypad and the buttons light up in blue as soon as you press a button. The buttons have a very nice feel to them and they beep as you push them - a nice touch. I'm extremely satisfied!

Best keyless entry door lock on BESTREVIEWS

BESTREVIEWS is one of the most authoritative review sites in the United States.

And our YL-99 keypad door knob is recognized as the top 5 best keyless entry door lock out of the hundreds of available products in the category.

black door knob

The door knob is praised for its secure and classic design: an affordable, keyless security system without complex additional hardware and its lots of pros:

  • Solid feel and secure lock mechanism.
  • Installation is easy. No additional drilling needed for hardware to fit the door.
  • Electronic lock typically withstands rainy weather.
  • Designed with an encryption function.
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