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Best Wood Stove Fan No Electricity for Mr. Heater

27 May 2022 0 Comments


It does not seem very possible to build a chimney or a wood stove in your home, especially in rented houses. It is so complicated that you have to destroy part of the existing decor and furniture.

But how to get warm in the long, cold winter? Heating up your room with electricity will add to a huge bill.

Fortunately, Mr. Heater has come up with an indoor-safe portable propane heater. But the problem remains: It is so difficult to manage the heat. That’s why so many Mr. Heater users prefer to use it with stove fans.

But how to select a wood stove fan for Mr. Heater to survive the long cold winter?


Things to consider before buying wood stove fans

You should know several parameters before purchasing your heat powered wood stove fan for your Mr. Heater. CFM, number of blades, temperature capacity, dimensions, noise level, etc.

Among these factors, you should pay full attention to dimensions, CFM. It differs from picking a wood stove fan for the fireplace. The fan needs to fit properly on the surface of Mr. Heater and circulate the heat well.

If you want to know about how to select a heat powered wood stove fan in detail, visit our blog: Best Fans to Move Wood Stove Heat at Signstek.


Real feedback from our customers

Signstek’s Eco-friendly 4-Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Blower has been highly praised by a lot of Mr. Heater users. Here is some real feedback from our customers:


Great Lil fan for my Mr. Heater – by Mark S. on November 30, 2021

I mounted this fan on my Mr. Heater using brackets from Signstek. This fan is much better than the built-in fan. My sunroom always gets cold and was looking for a way to get the heat moving a little better, this fan does the trick.

The best thing of all... No more batteries or cords. It doesn't take very long for this little thing to start throwing the heat towards the center of the room.


No power? No problem – by R VA on January 11, 2022

I bought this to assist with moving hot air from my gas fireplace if there is a situation of no power. It works great! I think it moves the air well, but it is a tiny fan, so 2 would work better. I suspended it from the top corner outside the fireplace screen, and it works without any problem.

There is no noise, and it was a reasonable price. I like the bends on the blades as it helps push the air away from the fireplace.


Why wouldn't you own one of these? – by JSH and HDH on January 16, 2022

This little fan works like a charm!

My Heater is only radiant heat. This fan really helps to circulate the heat.

Great price point as well.


Signstek’s series of best Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan for Mr. Heater

I highly recommend you equip a Signstek’s ST-145 Heat Powered Wood Stove fan for your Mr. Heater. Its dimensions fit Mr. Heater well and are quite affordable, $29.99.

Besides, Signstek’s motor, the most important section of wood stove fans, is imported from Japan, running much more stable and silently than normal motors.

I have to mention that Signstek has come up with a heat powered wood stove fan for Mr. Heater. It will come with an additional bracket that helps you install the stove fan on your Mr. Heater.

Signstek’s new design Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan for Mr. Heater will be available in August.
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