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Why Does My Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Not Work?

25 May 2022 0 Comments


Heat powered wood stove fan is a necessity for humans to survive the long cold winter. It circulates the heat from the wood stove to every corner of your house. Then you can sit on the comfortable sofa or lie in the bed and get the heat meanwhile.

Even though wood stove fan is an excellent product, sometimes it fails to work. If you have read the user guide of your heat powered wood stove fan carefully, you would have noticed some points that you should pay attention to when using the heat powered wood stove fan.

So, why is your stove fan not working, and how do you find the reasons behind it?

Mains factors that can cause the wood stove fan to stop:

Signstek has been focusing on heat powered wood stove fans for over 3 years. Here are some tips on factors that can cause the wood stove fan to stop from our experts.


The temperature is too low.

Before explaining why your wood stove doesn't work when the temperature is low, I have to introduce how the stove fan works.

It seems to be magical that a wood stove fan works without any electricity supply. The secret is the thermoelectric motor. When the temperature difference between the base and the top of the wood stove fan, it generates a low voltage which makes the blades run.

Therefore, if the voltage is too low to operate the fan, the wood stove fan will not work. Only when the temperature is between the lowest and highest temperatures will the fan be able to operate.

Take Signstek's 4-blade heat powered wood stove fan, for instance. The working temperature is between 50℃ and 345℃.  When it is below 50, 45 for example, the wood stove fan will not work. With the wood burning, it gets warmer than 50℃ and the blades run to circulate the heat.

So, if you just get the wood stove and find the heat powered wood stove does not work, don’t worry. With temperature increases, your wood stove fan will work.


There is no air behind the wood stove fan.

The fan mechanism is that the fan blades rotate, driving the air behind the fan to the front.

If you put the heat powered wood stove fan against the wall or the chimney, it will fail to run.

What’s the best position for heat powered wood stove fan? It is recommended to place your wood stove fan on the left or right side of the chimney and leave it a few inches behind the fan (as shown in the picture below).


The motor is broken.

The thermoelectric cell of heat powered wood stove fan can be damaged at high temperatures. And the damage is irreversible.

It is suggested to equip a fireplace thermometer for your heat powered wood stove fan. With it, you can know exactly what the temperature is. When it is near the highest rated temperature, replace the stove fan to a cooler place or reduce the fuel in the stove to cool it down.


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