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What Size Barn Door for 32’’ Opening and How to Measure It?

20 May 2022 0 Comments

Sliding barn doors are becoming more and more popular for the small space they require.

Compared with swing doors, sliding doors take up less space and do not interfere with activities within the room.

From a design perspective, sliding barn doors add charm to your apartment and can impress your guests.

So, what size barn door can fit your opening, and how to measure for barn door? Here is the quick start guide, taking 32’’ opening for instance. 


Things you should know before measuring for barn door

The traditional swing door fills up the opening, while the sliding barn door covers the doorway. And barn door requires sliding barn door hardware to help it roll. So, there are gaps between the sliding barn door panel and the wall.

To protect your privacy, the sliding barn door panel should be bigger than the opening.


Measure for the height of barn door

Whether you are going to install a single sliding barn door or a double sliding barn door, the way to measure the height will be the same. 

In Signstek's previous blog, we discussed that to install a sliding barn door, you don't need to remove the door frame. But if the door molding is more than one inch from the wall, it will prevent the sliding barn door from opening and closing properly.

With door frame: measure from the top of the frame to the floor and subtract 0.5 inch. 

Without door frame: measure from the top of the doorway to the floor, then cut half an inch.

Subtracting 0.5 inch from the measurement is to avoid abrasion. If the floor is uneven, consider subtracting more.


Measure for the width of barn door

To provide adequate privacy, the sliding barn door panel should be wide enough to cover the gaps and the opening.

With door molding: If there is door molding, you should measure horizontally from the outside edges of the molding from one side to the other side. Then, add 2 to 4 inches to cover the gaps on the two sides. 

For example, you should buy a door from 34 to 36 inches wide for 32 inches opening.

Without door molding: Simply measure horizontally across the opening. And add 2 or 4 inches. 


Measure the space above the doorway

Installing the sliding barn door track and the door hardware requires you to make sure there is enough room between the top of the opening or the door frame and the ceiling.

Take Signstek’s Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware for instance. The gap above the opening should measure at least 6 inches in height. Otherwise, you will not be able to hang the sliding door on the wall.


Measure wall width and track

To ensure that you can open the sliding barn door all the way, there should be enough room next to the opening. 

If you want to build a double sliding barn door, on both sides next to the 32’’ opening, there should be at least 18 inches. 

Measuring for the sliding barn door track is almost foolproof. Double the width of the door panel. 

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