The Best FM Transmitter for Church


In the United States, FM transmitters are widely used in our daily life, rallies, church gatherings, parking lots, etc. After COVID-19 arrived, the use of FM transmitters for churches has greatly increased. 

The churchgoers do the service by listening to the radio rather than going to church. That’s thanks to the FM transmitter that transforms your church into a drive-in or in-home religious object. 

If you are looking for a convenient way for the church, this blog will show you the selection of most priests: FM transmitter.


What does an FM transmitter do?

FM transmitter is often used by broadcasters. It converts the audio output into an FM frequency. Then the neighborhood can listen to the audio in specific frequencies on the radio.

It allows the audience nearby to share the same music, broadcast, or even the service at the same time. 


Why use an FM transmitter for church?

Under the pandemic of COVID-19, we should avoid gathering together to protect ourselves against infection with COVID-2019. 

Most churches have switched to using personal FM transmitters to broadcast the sermons to religious instead of going to church on weekends. Members can listen to the audio in their car in the parking lot, at home, and so on. In this way, church members listen to God's Word and keep a social distance. 

FM transmitters enable churches to hold events, worship rallies, services, and prayers during this global pandemic easily and affordably. 


Signstek’s ST-7C FM Transmitter for church parking lot is popular among priests. Many customers have repurchased Signstek’s products after use.

If you are looking for the best FM transmitter for the church, you cannot miss out. 


Features of Signstek best ST-7C FM transmitter for church

Signstek’s ST-7C FM transmitter stereo transmitter is designed with an advanced modulation system. This best FM transmitter is built-in PLL frequency, low-pass filter circuit, and audio pre-emphasis. It can be used in factories, schools, churches, farms, etc.

High-fidelity and clear stereo sound:

The FM stereo radio transmitter chip of Signstek’s best ST-7C FM transmitter is from the next-generation integrated NC chip the BH1415 from ROHM Japan Company.

Signstek’s ST-7C FM transmitter can output great sound and clear signals by the control panel and 3 power amplifiers.

Frequency response:

Signstek’s ST-7C FM Transmitter supports a frequency ranging from 88. 1~107. 9MHz. It is perfectly suitable for drive-in churches or radios. And you can also use Signstek’s ST-7C FM Transmitter to create your own radio station. 


How to set up Signstek FM transmitter for church?

Before setting up your FM transmitter, search and select an available FM frequency. You can find that on local websites. After picking your own FM frequency, press the up and down button to adjust the frequency you need.

Connect the FM transmitter to the device that contains the audio you want to share. For example, you can use smartphones, music players, etc. For church, priests broadcast the Sunday sermon or prayer to members who stay in their cars in the parking lot.

Then, church members turn their car radio on the identified channel and listen to the audio.

Warning: You'd better put the FM transmitter in the middle of where you want to share because the FM transmitter has a limited range. The Signstek ST-7C FM transmitter can be used within a 900-1600 ft radius.

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