ST-7C FM Transmitter for Church Parking Lot

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Create your own radio station

Designed with advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency, audio pre-emphasis, limiter, and low-pass filter circuit, Signstek wireless FM Transmitter stereo transmitter can be used for factories, schools, supermarkets, farms, Office space or create your own radio station.

View or download the user manual: ST-7C_FM_Transmitter_User_Manual.pdf

✔Clear Stereo Sound:

The control panel and three power amplifiers ensure great sound output effect and clear signal.

Signstek fm transmitter can be used for drive-in service or church parking lot. FCC certified. FCC ID: 2ASVO05B7CT200


It applies next-generation integrated NC FM stereo radio transmitter chip the BH1415 from Japan ROHM Company.

With built-in PLL advanced modulation system, audio pre-emphasis, limiter and low pass filter circuit,

This FM radio transmitter can support clear, strong and stable signal transmission.

✔Excellent Heat Dissipation:

With high-quality aluminum alloy material and heat sink, FM broadcast transmitter can disperse excessive or unwanted heat.
Easy to Use: The Panel use LCD to display the transmission frequency. It is easy to adjust and it is intuitive.

✔Frequency Response:

Transmission of low power fm transmitter frequency can be set from within the range of 88.1 ~ 107.9MHz.

Perfect for drive-in service, outdoor holiday light show or creating your own radio station.

FAQ of ST-7C FM Transmitter 

Q: What do you think the range would be with outside antenna?

    A: The distance range of ST-7C FM transmitter used is 900~1600 feet.

Q: My lcd display is extremely dim. any way to fix this?

    A: There are blue led lights on the back of the product to use.

Q: How would I use this to broadcast spoken remarks to cars in the parking lot for a school graduation?

    A: You would just need to purchase a microphone with a 3.5mm audio connecter or you can go from an audio mixing board to the FM transmitter connected on the “line-in” port.

Q: Do I need to turn it off? We are using in a church and would like to leave it on for simplicity?

    A: Please turn it off when not in use. It is always broadcasting, even if there is no signal input. It will still output a signal that could cause interference with other nearby signals.

Q: Does this product work with projectors?

A: This FM transmitter device can work as an audio broadcast device for a projector.


Power Supply 12V DC (The current load of power supply should over 2A)
Frequency Response 88.1 ~107.9MHz
Tuning Step 100Khz/0.1Mhz
Stability of Frequency ±0ppm(-10℃~+50℃ )
Signal to Noise Ratio >70dB
Operation Time True 24/7
Output Impedance 50 ohm
Audio Input Connector 3.5mm
Mic Input Connector 3.5mm
Size 160mm*95mm*54mm

Package Includes:
1 x FM Transmitter
1 x Professional antenna
1 x Power supply
1 x Power cord
1 x Audio cable
1 x Manual

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