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What Does an FM Transmitter Do?

29 Jan 2021 0 Comments

FM transmitter, to put it simply, is actually a personal miniature radio station, just like the radio station does, its main job is to convert audio signals from other devices into wireless FM stereo signals and transmit them.

These devices include MP3 (including iPod), mobile phones, tablets (including iPad), laptop, etc., and the content can be audio or video, as long as there is an audio signal.

signstek st-7c fm transmitter

The object of receiving audio signal can be a car or a home radio, as long as it has the function of FM.

Through the FM transmitter, you can enjoy the amplified stereo music in the car or radio, which is equivalent to transferring the music in your player, thus expanding the application function and environment of these players in your hand.

So how can the FM transmitter be sure that the sound it transforms is the one you want?

It's very simple, as mentioned above, using FM.

Adjust your FM transmitter and receiver to the same band and you will be able to receive clear stereo music smoothly.


Today, almost all modern vehicles have a stereo system, which can be connected to almost any smart device to play or stream music.

Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth allow people to hear music directly without wires.

However, for older vehicles, the situation is different.

Some people who love older cars may know that many older cars were made before Bluetooth was invented, so they may not be able to connect to smart devices in any way, wirelessly or otherwise.

In this case, the FM transmitter is very useful.


When your car is equipped with a FM transmitter, you can start to enjoy the convenience it brings.

Listening to music wirelessly is the most basic. Without the need for built-in Bluetooth, the FM transmitter allows you to use a smart device or MP3 player to transmit music over FM frequencies.

If you are using a SIGNSTEK FM transmitter, the music you hear will have a clearer stereo effect.


Three power amplifiers and the next generation of integrated NV FM stereo radio transmitter chips from ROHM in Japan ensure high quality sound output and clear and lossless signals. It can be used not only in cars, but also for long-distance transmission, such as churches, factories, schools, supermarkets, farms and so on.

signstek st-7c fm transmitter

The function of many FM transmitters is not just to transmit music, in fact, any audio signal can be transmitted through the FM transmitter.

For example, the call function on your phone. You can enjoy hands-free calls directly through the car's speakers so that you don't miss important calls while listening to music. And a wide range of ringtones in church or school, and so on.

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