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Airbnb Keyless Entry: The Best Keypad Door Lock for Short-Term Rentals

08 Apr 2022 0 Comments

According to Airbnb, with the recovery of the travel industry, self-check-in is an easy way to appeal to travelers. Landlords are supposed to adjust their rental methods to meet the latest needs of travelers.

Airbnb encourages owners to provide customers with an easy way to check in.

3 self-check-in ways for Airbnb

The three most popular self-check-in methods are combination key box, keypad door lock, and smart door lock.

Combination key box:

It’s the cheapest way to help guests check in by themselves. Put the key in the box and lock it. You can hang the box on the wall or hide it somewhere. Before the arrival, send a message to tell guests where to find the combination lockbox and code. Please change the code between stays.

Though it only costs a litter of money, it’s not safe enough. Thieves can easily damage the box and get the key.

Keypad door lock:

With the keypad door lock, your guests can enter the code to open the door. You no longer need to hand over the key face to face. Provide the code to your guests via message or email.

Most keypad door locks cost no more than $150. It is the most economical and effective solution.

Smart door lock:

It allows guests to open the door by means of a mobile application or codes to open the door. This is an effective method.

Some high-end smart locks even can be synchronized with your Airbnb account. Guests can get the code via an automated email or the system can automatically generate a new code, which is the last 4 or 6 digits of the guest’s telephone number.

Although a smart door lock seems to be the best way to allow guests to check in by themselves, the cost is not low and they may have difficulty installing and using mobile apps. In case of trouble, you, the landlord, should be here to help them.


Features to look for in a keypad door look for Airbnb

Security: As the first line of defense for your rental property, the lock should enhance your home security and protect your belongings.

Stability: If you install a poor-quality door lock, accidents can happen often. Leaving a good experience to guests counts for renting a house on Airbnb. The more negative the comments, the fewer customers there will be.


The Best Keypad Door Lock for Short-Term Rentals on

Signstek’s ST-668 Plus Touchscreen Keypad Door Handle makes your renting more convenient and safer.

Keyless design:

Signstek's ST-668 Plus touchscreen lock enables your guests to enter the house by entering the code. The programming is foolproof. We're also offering videos and blogs to help you learn how to add and delete codes.

Enhanced security:

With the anti-peep design, users can add random digits before and after the correct password. If you don't have time to add and delete the code before each arrival and after each departure of clients, the encryption feature will help reuse the code.

For example, the correct number is 753041 (6 digits). You can give guests a code of 10 digits, such as 3297530410 and 8775304159 for the next guest. And change the code when you are available.


ST-668 Plus keypad door lock is built-in advanced PMS and the power system allows each set of batteries to play their long life.

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