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How to Install a Door Lock Set – Take Signstek’s Front Door Handle Set as an Example

15 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Deadbolt is commonly found in the U.S. It is a locking mechanism and is often used to complement a lock on the entry door.

The door lock set generally refers to a deadbolt and a spring-bolt lock.

The spring-bolt lock uses a spring to hold the bolt in place and you can apply force to the bolt to retract it. Then it opens.

People often set up a traditional door lock to improve home security in the past. With the rise of technology, the keyless entry has reached millions of families. It is strongly accepted by users of its practicality, and home security performance.

If you are looking for a door lock set, a set of keypad deadbolt and door handle can be a good option. Read this blog to learn how to install a door lock set. (Take Signstek’s Front Door Handle Set as an example.)



Electronic drill and drill bits: Signstek’s Front Door Handle Set fits most standard residential door preparations. In most cases, you don't have to drill the holes anymore. But if you install the set onto a new door and have to prepare the holes, we provide you a template in our user guide to help you mark it and drill holes with an electronic drill.

Phillips screwdriver



Package contents: Signstek’s Front Door Handle Set comes with all the screws needed for the installation.

Battery: 4 AA batteries


Installation steps:

Step 1: Remove the old lock set

Remove the old lock set from the door if it has one. You will need the screwdriver to loosen the screws and take off the old door set.

Step 2: Drill the holes for the new look set

Mark the door with the template and pencil according to the user guide. Then, drill holes for the look set. There should be two holes, one for the deadbolt and the other for the spring-bolt lock.

As the electronic drill is dangerous, please be extra careful when drilling holes.

Step 3: Install the latches

Insert the latch and make sure that it is parallel to the poor face. Mark the outline of the faceplate and remove the latch.

Chisel 5/32’’ (4 mm) deep along the outline. Then insert the latch into the door and secure the latch with 2 wood screws.

Then, install the latch of the spring-blot lock in the same way.

Tips: Do not fully tighten the screws until the lock is completely installed.

Step 4: Install the strikes

Close the door to mark the line for the strike by laying the latch bolt against the door frame.

Measure the centerline of the strike and drill a 1’’deep hole. Chisel 5/64’’ deep along the strike outline.

Install the strike plate into the door frame with 2 wood screws.

Repeat this step to install the other strike.

Step 5: Install the keypad assembly

Insert the cylinder into the deadbolt keypad assembly and pass the IC wire under the latch to the interior of the door.

Step 6: Install the mounting plate

Pass the IC wire through the wire hole of the plate. Then fix the plate with the 2 mounting plate screws.

Step 7: Install the interior assembly

Before that, adjust the thumb turn piece for your door (As you can see from the image below).

Take off the battery cover and connect the IC wire to the back of the receiver module.

Engage the deadbolt tailpiece with the turn piece.

Then attach the assembly to the door with screws.

Step 8: Insert batteries

Insert 4 batteries and slide the battery cover onto the assembly.

Step 9: Install 2 handles of the spring-bolt lock

Place the exterior handle with stems and square spindle into the latch. Then press it tightly.

Install the interior handle through the screws.

When installing the interior handle, ensure that the handle points towards the hinge side.

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