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DIY a Mirrored Sliding Barn Door for Your Home

06 Apr 2022 0 Comments

If you are considering designing a door for your closet, kitchen, or other rooms adjacent to the living room, then a mirrored barn door can be a great option.


Why DIY a Barn Door?

Maybe you are no stranger to sliding barn doors. They are famous for their easy installation, low cost, attractive fashion, etc. If you want to add visual interest to your wall, you can’t miss it.

Easy installation

All you need to DIY a sliding barn door is a set of sliding barn door hardware, a door, an electronic drill, and a screwdriver.

We can divide the installation process into 3 steps: install the sliding rail, install the hangers and hang the door on the rail, and install the floor guide and the door stopper. You can install it even if you are not a professional.

Low cost

Signstek’s sliding barn door kit heavy duty costs $49.99 to $64.99, depending on the size.

The price of the door varies. To DIY a sliding barn door, you can even make the door yourself with planks.

The average cost is $200 or less.

Attractive fashion

The style of sliding barn doors varies, from rustic to lightweight. You are able to customize your door according to the decoration style and your preferences.


DIY a mirror sliding barn door for your room

Mirrors can almost be seen in everyone’s home. They can visually expand the space, decorate your wall and illuminate the room.

How about attaching a mirror to the barn door? It will be a bonus for you and your home.

Maybe you don't know where to build a sliding door with a mirror. The top choices are:


After dressing up, most people can’t help to lock themselves in the mirror to check or to appreciate it.

Putting a mirror in the closet takes up space. If you are longing for a big mirror in your small room, why not attach a large mirror to your closet barn door?

Let’s imagine that with the sliding mirror barn door in your closet, you can appreciate your new clothes as if you were in the shopping mall.


It is common to hang a sliding barn door for the kitchen because most kitchens are not very large. If you install a swing door, it will take up a considerable part of the area of the kitchen.

So, sliding barn doors are usually used in kitchens.

While kitchens are usually connected to the living rooms, adding a mirror to the outside surface of the kitchen sliding barn door can effectively extend the visual length.


A small change will improve your room decoration. Want to learn more ideas about home improvements, visit our website:

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