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5 Misconceptions About Electronic Door Locks, Debunked

30 Nov 2021 0 Comments

For most of us, there is nothing comparable to the physical assurance you get from inserting a key into the bulky padlock of our home doors and hearing the weighty click that follows when it unlocks. We’ve long grown used to carrying around a set of keys as part of our daily ensemble, and yet despite the simplicity of the traditional lock and key, it doesn’t come without disadvantages.

Losing your keys and locking oneself out of their own home is likely a universal experience, and when it happens, all of us must have wondered: Could there be a better way to keep our homes and belongings safe? With the rise in smart technology, the answer comes in the form of smart electronic door locks!

Usually wi-fi or bluetooth enabled, these nifty devices allow us to go keyless without worrying about losing access to our homes. No longer do you have to waste precious time untangling a mess of keys or rifling through your bag or pocket. Owners of digital door locks can come and go with a tap of their finger, and in addition, enjoy features like automatic locking or even a reversible door lock that supports left and right-handed opening!

reversible door lock

Most of us are hesitant to ditch the traditional lock system due to wild myths about the dangers of an electronic smart door lock. Here are five common misconceptions about electronic door locks you need to know about--and we'll explain why there's nothing to fear at all.

1. "Smart locks are hard to install!"

The first step into the unknown is daunting, and for many, installing a smart lock might seem like an impossible task. However, not many know that all that’s needed to complete a successful installation is a screwdriver and a manual for the smart lock purchased.

Depending on your choice of lock, installing it could be as easy as placing it over the keyhole of your door, while another might require you to replace the entire door fitting. Either way, prior experience or power tools are unnecessary. With Signstek’s keypad door locks, new owners can follow the given instructions and have their smart locks ready in no time. It would certainly be less time consuming than putting together furniture from Ikea!

install easily

2. "Smart locks will not function during power cuts"

An understandable myth perpetuated about smart locks is that they cease to work when the power goes out. After all, most electronic devices are known to require electricity to function. But much like the little-known fact that digital locks are weatherproof, smart locks come with handy built-in batteries!

Those worrying about battery lifespan will be pleased to note that the batteries in smart locks are capable of lasting for several months at a time. Even if they do eventually run out, some electronic door lock models, such as Signstek's PT-R0S00 electronic door lock, have a low battery alarm function that will warn you ahead of time.

If you have a depleted battery, changing them is just a matter of taking them out of the door and replacing them--or even just directly charging them in situ with a power bank. Similar to how you would change the batteries of a television remote, changing the battery of a smart lock is undeniably just as simple.

3. "Smart locks will not work if the battery runs out"

In addition to being built in a way that ensures your safety during power outages, smart locks also have their own mechanical key overrides. Those without them require owners to use keys instead, but unfortunately most smart locks do away with keyholes to remain fully digital.

Fortunately, Signstek has mindfully designed their keypad door locks to include that functionality. Owners who have forgotten their entry codes or whose smart lock batteries have run out can easily still use their spare keys to unlock the door.

4. "Smart locks can be easily hacked"

Hollywood’s extravagant and overly simple interpretation of hacking has undoubtedly made us think that hacking can be accomplished easily. However, reality has shown that hacking an electronic door lock is extremely difficult.

Comparable to the multiple layers of security of an online bank account, most digital door locks offer various modes of authentication. Biometric scanners, manual keys, smart card and numeral pin numbers are just several of the effective ways one can restrict access to their smart lock. Some digital locks also come with an accompanying app, making it possible to change access codes or digital keys remotely with your mobile phone.

Similar to how transactions are carried out on the internet, data in electronic smart locks are encrypted to ensure they remain inaccessible to malicious outsiders. Owners will be pleased to note that Signstek’s digital locks will ensure their safety is never compromised!

5. "Smart locks are heavy and bulky" 

Home owners that favour form over function might be under the impression that smart locks are bulky fashion disasters, taking the very idea of attaching a chunky square lock akin to something sacrilegious. However, while it is true some locks come in boring and basic looking designs, the vast majority come in different styles, trims and colours to match a prospective owner’s home décor.

Modern smart locks do not sacrifice appearances for greater security and often come in slim, aesthetically pleasing profiles to woo users of traditional mechanical locks. Signstek’s keypad locks, for example, come in tasteful oil-rubbed bronze shades and silver accents that will make them fantastic stylistic additions to any home.

signstek digital door knob

Smart Locks: More Than Meets the Eye

Smart locks are the 21st century's cutting edge home security solution, using technology to enhance your convenience and security. As we've shown, Signstek’s smart locks in no way compromise your security, and also do not detract from your convenience and ease of use, with carefully considered and mindfully designed features that ensure all bases are covered. If you've been holding back on installing a smart lock for your door and gate because of these worries, maybe it's time to reconsider!

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