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How to Remove Door Knob Without Screws?

26 Nov 2021 0 Comments

Door knobs are used in most rooms of our house. We choose different types of door knobs according to our specific requirements.

For example, the electronic door knob is to enhance our security and the dummy door knob is for decoration, etc.

But their lifetime is limited by the wear and tear of components.  And when you can’t see any screw in your door knob, you may have no idea about what to do with it.

Removing the door knob in a wrong way may damage your door! Let’s learn how to make it.

Door Knob without Screws

Screws are turned and pressed into wood, and metal with a screwdriver in order to fasten two things together. You are likely to be confused as to how can a door knob may be fixed without screws.

However, there are invisible screws hidden inside the door knobs. With the economic and aesthetic improvement, people prefer door knobs with an exquisite appearance and advanced design concepts.

Visible screws maintain a negative effect on appearance. Therefore, more and more people have a tendency to install the door knob without screws.

Parts of Door Knob

The door knob without screws consists of two main parts: handle/knob and latch.

The door knob itself is either the handle or knob that you grab to turn or rotate in order to open and close the door. It provides the point of force to you.

The latch is a lock on the door that locks automatically when you shut the door. And without a latch, there is no locking mechanism.

How to Remove Door Knob without Screws?

After learning about the door knob without screws, you may have some thoughts on how to remove it. The suggested steps are as follows.

(1) Dress in clothes that resist dirt. There will be dust, bits of wood, or even oil. You don’t want to ruin your clothes.

(2) Prepare a small tiny screwdriver that can be slotted or a hexagonal wrench, and a Phillips screwdriver fits your knob.

(3) Open the door and place a box or something to stop the door from closing.

(4) Find a thin slot or recessed hex-head setscrew on the lock side of the doorknob.

If there is a recessed hex-head setscrew, use a correctly sized wrench to turn the setscrew; if your knob has a thin slot, push the cusp of your small screwdriver into the slot. With this, you can pull the door knob off the knob body.

(5) Look around the edges of the lid ring, and there is a small tab. Put your screwdriver in and pry the cover right off. The screws are coming out. Pull them out of the door and you can take the other handle/knob on the other side.

(6) Remove the two screws on the latch and remove the whole latch from the hole.

(7) Now, you’re ready to install a new door knob.

Signstek’s keypad door knob


After removing your obsolete door knob, you need to find a brand new one to fill the hole and keep your safety. Signstek’s electronic keypad door locks can meet all your needs.

It takes less than 10 minutes to install Signstek’s door lock, as it comes with a hexagonal screwdriver and the aperture is the same as your current door lock.
It offers you an affordable and keyless security system and the minimum cost is just $52.99.

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