What is Dummy Door Knob?


When talking about knobs, we can’t prevent ourselves from thinking of locking. Most types of knobs are designed to lock the door for our safety. For example, Signstek’s keypad deadbolt, keypad door lever and keypad door knob can greatly enhance our home security thanks to a strong locking mechanism. However, the dummy door knob is an exception. Even so, without the locking function, dummy door knob plays a significant role in our home and is almost used in every room of our home. Why is there such a need for a fake handle? Let’s get to know more about dummy door knob.

Types of dummy door knob

Dummy door knob is also known as “fake knob”. There are no locks, axles or latches, so the dummy door knob can’t be turned or rotated and is used to open and close a latch-free door. There are two different types of dummy door knob.

(1) Full dummy door knob

Full dummy door knob is installed in pairs on the surface of a door and behind it, providing a full set of doorknobs.

(2) Half dummy door knob

Half dummy door knob means a single dummy door knob and can just be found on one side of the surface of a door.

When to use dummy door knob?

When no latch mechanism is needed, dummy door knob should be a perfect option for decoration, since it costs just a little and we don’t have to worry about how to install the dummy door knob. This is really simple to install with only a tape measure and a drill driver and also increases the design effect. It’s often used on the exterior side of door. The choice of a full dummy door knob or a half one depends on the exact applications.

(1) Full dummy door knob

In fact, they are generally used for closets, double doors, pantries, and other such spaces where we don’t have to enter and close the door behind you. Such spaces are usually for storing supplies that we can get right from the outside. Besides, we also use dummy door knob on both sides of the door of the shower cubicle to help us to open and close the door.

(2) Half dummy door knob

Half dummy door knob fits perfectly for closets, particularly for closet with only one door. Regularly, we can find the half dummy door knob on linen closet because there is only one door that needs a knob.

Various styles and finishes

As a decoration, dummy door knob should go well with the style of decoration of the furniture. Therefore, dummy door knob in different styles have been manufactured on the market. With such a wide variety of design and  finishes, dummy door knobs match your interior decor and architectural appeal easily.

(1) Today, various materials have been transformed into door knobs, like wood, metal, crystal, plastic. We are able to select the ones that best suit our style of decoration.

(2) The shape of knob varies with the evolution of modern mode. There were a few basic shapes, such as circle, sphere, oval, rectangle. Now, we even find dummy door knobs in the form of animals on the market. For example, dummy door knobs in the form of a butterfly are popular among young people.

(3) The texture of decoration affects the style of decoration. In most cases, we have two options: matte and glossy.

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