The difference between smart door lock and mechanical door lock



I believe you have all heard of the smart door lock, which is a combination of technology and practical smart home products, its security and sense of technology often make newly renovated users eager to install, so what is the difference between smart door lock and mechanical door lock?

And what are the key points for the selection and purchase of intelligent door locks? Let's take a look at it with this blog.


The difference between smart door lock and mechanical door lock.

  1. Mechanical door lock.

The price is relatively low, the market awareness is high, up to 70-year-old people, down to teenagers, are very familiar with this kind of lock.

The panel is relatively strong, and the high-quality mechanical lock has good anti-theft performance.

However, the opening process of the ordinary mechanical lock is more complex, and the door handle opening technology of some mechanical locks is not very convenient, which requires a lot of twisting strength.

And the key is easy to be lost, and once lost, it is also easy to be copied, forming a greater security risk.

Many people will also cause inconvenience when they forget their keys.


  1. Smart door lock.

The price is generally high and the market awareness is low. At present, it is only used in some families with more avant-garde ideas.

Civil smart locks generally have mechanical emergency keyholes, and there are also some security loopholes.

However, the opening process of the smart door lock is very smooth, even if the child does not have much strength to open the lock smoothly.

High security, and not afraid to forget the key!


Buying guide of smart door lock


  1. Use environment.

In the selection and purchase of smart door locks, we should consider the specific conditions of the environment, such as humidity, door structure, thickness, left door or right door, inner door or outer door, in case you buy the wrong product.

For example, the Signstek spherical lock is a smart door lock that can be used in any environment, but the door lock with the handle facing to the right can only be installed on the left door. On the contrary, the left door handle lock should be installed on the right door.


  1. Place of use.

Smart door locks can be used in many places, such as street gates, hall doors, rooms, bathrooms or passageways, with different places and different choices. it is necessary to choose smart lock products that are suitable for the desired functions.


  1. Coordination with decorative environment.

According to your own preferences, the purchase of smart door lock products should be considered with its bedroom coordination, and color matching should be consistent, cannot be too abrupt, resulting in visual conflict.

Signstek door locks are mostly classic black or modern silver and white, suitable for fashionable and simple modern home style.


  1. Family members.

Consider whether there are elderly people, children or people with disabilities at home, and choose door lock products that are convenient for them to use.

Signstek's smart door locks are equipped with multiple alternative passwords, which can be set to facilitate their memory when there are multiple members in the family.


  1. Economic capacity and product quality.

Combined with the economic situation of the family, those with abundant economy can buy higher-grade products, and those with less-than-ideal economy can choose lower-grade products.

Among them, the quality of the product can be judged according to the manufacturer and the price, but must remember to go to the formal place to buy.

The certification level is also a standard to judge the quality of products. Signstek's electronic door lock has passed the Grade 3 certification of ANSI/BHMA, which can provide your family with a stronger security system.


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