How to Shrink a Cystic Pimple


Cystic pimple is a type of severe (grade IV) acne, manifested as nodules and cysts of varying sizes, often secondary to purulent infection, and often bleeding jelly pus after rupture. The sinus tract and scar will be formed later.

Commonly affected areas: face, forehead, cheeks, jaw, chest, back, shoulders.

Before understanding how to reduce cystic pimple, let us first understand how cystic pimple is formed so that we can acts appropriately to the situation.

Causes of cystic pimple

1. Endogenous factors

(1) Excessive androgen secretion is the main reason. In particular, excessive secretion of male and female androgen in adolescence is the main reason for the formation of "pimple".

Androgen can directly stimulate the increase of sebaceous glands, promote keratinization of hair follicles, block pores and cause inflammation, resulting in acne, pustules, nodules and even cysts.

(2) It is related to women's menstrual cycle. Some women have worsening symptoms before menstruation. Mainly related to changes in hormone secretion.

(3) it is related to intrinsic diseases or dysfunctions of the body. Organ diseases such as stomach, kidney, liver, etc., especially gastrointestinal dysfunction, constipation, etc. can induce pimple.

(4) Mental stress, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, etc.

(5) Overeat greasy, hot and sour foods and sweets.

2. Exogenous factors

(1) Long-term exposure to grease, asphalt, etc.

(2) Contact with certain chemical substances, such as chlorine, bromine, etc.

(3) The use of certain drugs, such as male hormones, sebaceous hormones, lithium, azathioprine, and rifampin.

(4) All factors that can increase skin inflammation, such as alcohol, pepper, etc.

Treatment Method

1. System treatment

Oral antibiotics, minocycline is the most commonly used; Chinese medicine tanshinone; tretinoin drugs.

2. Local treatment

Topical tretinoin preparations, topical antimicrobial drugs such as benzoyl peroxide, fusidic acid, mupirocin, selenium disulfide, etc.

3. Physiotherapy

Red and blue light irradiation, photodynamic therapy, etc.

The above methods are best carried out with the help of a doctor.


If you want to solve cystic acne at home, Signstek's high-frequency beauty facial wand can help you reduce cystic pimple through red and blue light irradiation in physical therapy.

The so-called red and blue lights are actually argon and neon. With the natural healing power of argon and neon high-frequency therapy, this professional skin machine can enhance cell metabolism, while shortening the healing time of acne, making the skin younger. With the use of beauty creams and essences, it can help speed up their absorption in the skin.

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