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All-weather Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Door Lock

22 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Today, Signstek's blog would like to introduce to all customers a comprehensive and detailed all-weather mechanical keyless door lock -- PLU331 electronic door lock.

You can view its detailed information on the product page, but its advantages may not be enough to fully show from the appearance. This blog will show you the charm of this door lock from the perspective of actual experience, and explain with strength why you should choose this door lock as your home door lock.

All-weather mechanical keyless deadbolt door lock

The definition of all-weather

All weather, as the name suggests, is all kinds of weather and climate. If a product has all-weather characteristics, it means that it is designed to operate or use in any type of weather, or to resist damage from exposure to any climatic conditions.

Clear weather is of course not the point. All-weather products are especially aimed at those bad weather, such as wind, rain, snow, low temperature and high temperature. Only products that can be used normally in these inclement weather can be regarded as all-weather products.

For example, all-weather sports refer to sports took place on an artificial surface instead of on grass.

The all-weather mechanical keyless deadbolt door lock refers to a door lock that can be installed on the front door to withstand various harsh outdoor weather.

Resistant to high and low temperature

For those who live in extremely cold or extremely hot areas, choosing a door lock is not an easy task. In the hottest time in summer and the coldest time in winter, abnormal circuit or short circuit may occur, causing the door lock to fail to work normally.

With this PLU331 electronic door lock, there is no need to worry about such a situation. Because its normal operating temperature range is much larger than that of ordinary electronic door locks.

This door lock can support temperatures as low as -12°F and as high as 150°F. It can be used with confidence whether it is severe winter or intense heat.

ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 certification

This door lock has also passed ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 certification.

ANSI/BHMA certification means that the product has been tested in accordance with the standards established by BHMA and the American National Standards Institute, certified by an independent laboratory, and proven to meet the standards established for its product type and category. With ANSI/BMHA certification, this product provides buyers with a certain degree of quality assurance.

A door lock that has passed ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 certification means that it has been tested to confirm that it can withstand 800,000 open and close cycles, and can withstand a 2 strikes of 75 pounds of force (90 foot-pounds).

This kind of door lock not only has a longer service life than ordinary door locks, but also remains firm when damaged by external forces, which will better protect your safe residence.

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