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How to Install the Indoor Door Lock

23 Apr 2021 0 Comments

The installation of door locks is often seen in the decoration of new houses, especially the installation of indoor door locks is especially common. In order to let everyone better understand the installation method of indoor door locks, the following Signstek blog will introduce the installation methods of the indoor door locks in detail.

Determine the direction of opening the door

Before installing the door lock, we cannot ignore the direction of opening the door. The direction of opening the door determines which side we will install the lock on when we install the door lock.

So how do you determine the direction to open the door? It's very simple. Open the door and see where the hinge is. Generally, the side where the hinge is on is the direction of the door.
Therefore, installing a door lock on the side of the door where the hinge is not installed can ensure that the direction of the door lock is correct.
Simply put, it means that the locked side is indoors, and the side where the key is inserted is outdoors. If you get it in the wrong direction, it will not be able to protect it.

Door lock installation steps

After confirming the correct direction of the door, you can install the door lock. Don't underestimate the installation of door locks, this is also a very important part of indoor installation.

  1. Compare the height required for the installation of the lock, and punch holes at the appropriate positions. The size of the holes must match the lock body.
  2. Install the lock body into the hole. After setting it up, tighten the two tapping screws first.
  3. Insert the square rod into the hole of the square rod, install the external handle parts, align them, and then tighten the two tapping screws.
  4. Install the inner handle part of the lock, and after the same alignment, tighten the two tapping screws.
  5. Insert the one-way lock head from the inner handle side into the lock hole.
  6. The sixth step is to insert the M5 set screw into the hole of the lock panel, and then align the one-way lock with the threaded hole of M5, and then tighten it.

Solution to latch bolt

Of course, when installing the indoor door lock, it is not ruled out that the wrong direction will be installed.
If you find that the latch bolt is opposite to the opening direction of the door, you need to perform the following steps at this time.
First pull off the latch bolt plate, and push the latch bolt into the adjustment hole by hand. Then turn the latch bolt 180° and release it. When installing door locks, there will be other problems that cannot be solved.
If you encounter such problems, please feel free to contact Signstek's customer service email, and we will reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours. We will try our best to solve the problem for you.

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