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How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Lock

21 May 2021 0 Comments

Keys are things we often use, locks and keys are one of the necessary conditions to protect the safety of our property.

Each lock has only one corresponding and unique key, and the lock can be opened only with the key.

The keys are usually made of copper and are very hard, but accidents are prone to occur after a long time. The key will break into the keyhole when opening the lock. I believe many friends have encountered it.


If the key breaks into the keyhole, it will be more troublesome.

It is difficult to take out the broken key, and the lock cannot be opened, which greatly affects the use at this time.

Usually we will hire a professional locksmith to disassemble the lock and then take out the lock core and then take out the key.

The steps are very troublesome, and we also need to give the locksmith a sum of money for unlocking.

Next the Signstek's blog will introduce you to several unlocking tools. You can open the lock within ten minutes and take out the key stuck in the lock without spending a lot of money. Let’s take a look!

 1. Small electric drill

Use the drill bit of a small electric drill to drill the gap of the keyhole a bit larger, extend the wire hook in, and then stick the broken key with glue, and it can be brought out.

 2. Wire

Make a single hook on the head of the thin wire, then insert it into the innermost part of the keyhole, hook the top of the broken key, and easily hook it out along the guide rail of the keyhole.

 3. Tweezers

When the key is broken in the lock, don’t dig randomly. Find a pair of slender tweezers, first use the previous method to get the broken key to the edge of the keyhole, then clamp it with tweezers, and then pull it out with force up.

Do not dig casually when the key is broken in the lock, find a pair of slender tweezers, first use the front method to get the broken key to the outside of the keyhole, then clamp it with tweezers and pull it out.

4. Hot melt adhesive stick

The melting point of the hot melt adhesive stick itself is relatively low, and it will melt when it is hot.

So when we encounter a situation where the key breaks into the keyhole, we can take a hot melt adhesive stick, then use a lighter to heat the other end of the stick.

And when the glue at this end begins to soften and melt, wait until it is semi-melted, buckle it into the keyhole, then gently push forward, and stop when it's about enough to surround the key.

The glue is half-melted and will approach the broken key in the process of pushing and finally stick.

So as long as we wait for about ten minutes or so, when it can be more solidified, we can touch it with our hands to make sure that we can gently pull out the adhesive stick if possible, and pull it slowly to prevent it from disconnecting too hard from the adhesive stick inside. It will be even more troublesome.

Don't twist it when you pull it out, just pull it out gently, and the broken key will be pulled out.



If none of the above methods are available, it is recommended to hire a dedicated locksmith.

Or you can simply change a lock and try Signstek's combination lock full of modern technology, enter the correct password to open the door, do not have to worry about the key will get stuck in the lock, do not have to carry the key every day, make life full of convenience.

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