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What Is the Best Lock for a Bedroom Door?

01 Jun 2021 0 Comments

When it comes to door locks, your first reaction may be the lock of the outdoor door, because it directly determines the safety of the house.

But have you ever thought that what we usually come into contact with most is the bedroom door?

The quality of indoor door locks will not only affect the daily experience of opening and closing doors, but also related to privacy security.

So, what are the types of indoor door locks and what are their characteristics?

Let's follow this Signstek’s blog to learn how to choose indoor door locks.


The smoothness of the switch of the bedroom door lock, whether mute or not, how high the anti-theft coefficient is, these should be included in the factors considered when choosing the bedroom door lock.

In addition, there are many materials of the bedroom door lock: aluminum, stainless steel, alloy and so on.

Today, Signstek’s blog will tell you to distinguish the types of bedroom door locks and how to choose bedroom door locks.

Material type of bedroom door lock

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of various material door locks on the market, choose green and environmentally friendly products to protect the health of your family:

Space aluminum

Easy to process and shape, low development cost, soft texture, easy to deform, low strength, poor impact resistance, cold and hard color monotonous, easy to oxidize, short life, monotonous and simple style, low value of the material itself, poor fire resistance.

Zinc alloy

Easy casting and processing, low development cost, many styles, many surface colors, low strength, poor impact resistance, poor anti-rust ability, internal materials prone to oxidation spots, brittle and easy to break, not anti-drilling, anti-prying, anti-sawing, low value of the material itself, not resistant to low temperature, poor fireproof function.

Stainless steel

Strong corrosion resistance, high strength, fire resistance, anti-drilling, anti-prying, anti-saw, anti-impact, long service life, uniform texture, good density, no pores, blisters, bright and uniform color, delicate, green, environmentally friendly, complex production process, The development cost is high.


Most of the locks sold on Signstek are exactly made of stainless steel.

For example, this PT-R0S00 Electronic Keypad Door Lock is a lock body material composed of stainless steel and brass.

The material is strong and the appearance is good at the same time.

There are two colors to choose from, black and silver.

The black is calm and atmospheric, and the silver is elegant and beautiful, very suitable for customers with anti-theft needs for bedroom door locks.


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