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How About Smart Door Locks? Is It Safe?

14 May 2021 0 Comments

As modern home life becomes more and more intelligent, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher.
It can be seen at a glance from the door locks in use that the emergence of smart door locks makes living in the room more convenient.
So, how about smart door locks, are smart door locks safe? Many people still have many questions about the choice of smart door locks.
In order to understand everyone's doubts, let’s learn about smart door locks together.

I. How about smart door lock

1. Security

First of all, smart door locks are very simple to use.
Just put your finger on the top of the scanning position and scan from top to bottom or press the unlock button after connecting with the Bluetooth of the smartphone.
There is no need to press the finger in the scanning place, the way to open the door can reduce fingerprint residue, greatly reduce the possibility of fingerprint being copied, and it is very safe to use.

2. Interactivity

Some advanced smart door locks have built-in embedded processors and smart monitoring.
They have the ability to communicate and interact with the homeowner at any time, and can actively report the situation of visitors to the monitor on the day.
On the other hand, the homeowner can even remotely control the smart door lock to open the door for visiting guests or provide guests with backup codes, so that they can interact with the homeowner and enhance the familiarity between people.

3. Smart door lock

The smart door lock will automatically sense the opening and closing state of the door, and the system will automatically lock when it is closed.
The smart lock can open the door lock by fingerprint, touch screen, room card, password.
In addition, general fingerprint locks are inconvenient to operate when using functions such as passwords or fingerprint registration, especially when used by the elderly and children.
Some smart door locks can open its unique voice prompt function, making the operation easier for users to understand.

II. Is the smart door lock safe?

Many manufacturers have stated that the safety factor of smart door locks is far higher than that of ordinary door locks, but there are still many consumers who are not at ease.
So, are smart door locks safe?
From a theoretical point of view, the security performance of smart door locks is indeed higher than that of solid wood lock cylinders.
Because in addition to forcibly dismantling the circuit system of smart door locks, usually thieves with inadequate technology have no way to start with such high-tech products.
The metal lock cylinder is also harder than ordinary solid wood lock cylinders, and it is less likely to be damaged.

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