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How to Fix a Door Lock that Won’t Turn

31 Dec 2020 0 Comments

Lock is very important in our lives, and whether its function is perfect or not is closely related to the safety of our families and enterprises.

When there is something wrong with our lock, we should deal with it immediately so as not to cause a big problem.

We must have encountered a lot of problems with traditional door locks before, so I won't repeat them here.

Now many families in life have switched to electronic door locks, and today's main introduction is the problem of electronic door locks.

When the electronic door lock is stuttered, what methods can we use to deal with it?

When there is something wrong with the electronic door lock, even without the help of external force, what can we do to solve them on our own? Next, let's take a look.

how to fix a door lock that won't turn

Only by knowing the cause of the problem can we know the solution to the problem.

Before we figure out how to solve it, let's take a look at the reasons why the electronic door lock is stuck.


1. The built-in battery has run down.

Although there are electronic door locks with external power supply, most electronic door locks are powered by built-in batteries, such as Bluetooth locks, touchscreen keypad door locks and so on.

So, when your door lock doesn't turn, it's likely that your battery is out of power.

The average battery life is about ten months, you can judge whether this is the problem according to the service time of your electronic door lock.

If you are using Signstek's electronic keypad lock, then this awkward situation will not occur.

how to fix a door lock that won't turn

It will remind you by flashing red and ringing when the battery is about to run out.

Once you see button flashes in red and hear 10 rapid beep sounds when press programming button, please change the batteries immediately.

All settings are retained in the memory and will not be affected even if the battery is completely dead.

Besides, if you really forget to replace the battery, you can still unlock the door with the traditional spare key. The lock still can be operated by key even there is a power outage.


2. Enter the password incorrectly

Sometimes when the door lock battery is full, you enter the password, but the door lock still cannot be opened, it is very likely that there is something wrong with the password you entered.

In this case, it is possible to press the password too quickly for the first time, so just press it correctly again.

It is also possible that your family has changed the previous password without your knowledge, so you can use the following methods to solve it at this time.

All Signstek electronic keypad locks have the ability to manually reset passwords, and you can operate this process yourself as long as you remember the original Programming Code (PC).

You can use this PC to refer to the procedure in the manual to reset the user code as known as the password, which usually takes only a few seconds to reset.

Of course, the original PC of each door lock is very simple, and you can choose to keep the original PC, or replace it with a familiar PC after you buy it.


There are other complicated problems that you can also solve with your own spare key.

Of course, this only happens in rare cases, otherwise the electronic door lock you install will be meaningless.

When it is a last resort, ask a professional unlocking company to help you.

They can professionally deal with the difficult and complicated problems that all kinds of door locks cannot be opened, which is the embodiment of integration and can do more than ordinary locksmiths.

If you buy Signstek's electronic door lock, you can also contact our service staff at at any time, and we will answer it for you from the most professional point of view of the developer.

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