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How Does a Keypad Door Lock Work?

07 Jan 2021 0 Comments

The main function of lock in our daily life is to protect the safety of facilities or property.

If you attach great importance to the security of your work or living environment, you may consider installing a keypad lock.

Because the keypad system is one of the best ways to protect property without a key.

They do not rely on a specific thing to open, but on a series of digital keys and control system to open.

If you want to learn more about how keypad locks work safely, then read on.

 keypad door lock

Keypad Lock Systems

There are two types of keypad locks, individually controlled locks or locks that belong to a large security system.

A separate lock already contains all the hardware and control systems of the lock after you buy it.

Locks belonging to large systems usually get power from other parts of the building.

Whether or not the lock is part of a large system, the actual lock requires a small current to release the lock bolt during the switch, and the individual lock is powered by the battery.

When you enter the correct code on the keypad, an electric current is generated.


Using Keypad

This type of lock system does not require a key, but requires a digital code to open it.

The code is entered by the user through a numeric keypad, similar to the code on a basic calculator.

Some digital keypads are keystroke, some are touch screen, and the corresponding prices will be different.

If you enter the correct password, the door lock will be released naturally and it is usually accompanied by a tone or other sound to indicate that the lock has been released.

If you enter the wrong password, some keypad locks will, through a self-protection feature, relock the door for a period of time (usually 10 to 15 minutes) after several incorrect passwords.

If you use the Signstek electronic keypad lock, then you don’t have to worry about this situation. As long as you remember the initial programming code, the password can be changed in a few minutes by yourself.  

Passwords are generally divided into 4-digit and 6-digit, the more digits, the higher the security performance.

There are 10000 password settings for 4-digit password locks and 1000000 for 6-digit password locks. Generally speaking, a 4-digit password lock is enough.

Of course, the order of the code must be entered in the correct order.


Power system

Because keypad locks require power to operate, it is important to provide sustainable power.

Signstek keypad locks are all individual locks, usually powered by standard batteries, which must be replaced periodically to ensure continuous operation.

If you don't know the life of the battery, Signstek will warn you in advance when the battery is about to run out, so don’t need to worry about the awkward situation.

The power system of the lock is like this: when there is no switch operation, the battery of the lock will always be at rest and will not continue to supply power, so as to prolong the service life of the keypad lock.




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