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Are Keyless Door Locks Safe? Best Locks for Home

08 Jan 2021 0 Comments

The intelligent electronic lock that opens the door without a key is becoming more and more popular, and it has greatly improved the security of many homes and offices.

Office buildings and high-end apartments in some big cities are already equipped with many electronic and keyless locks.

However, because this kind of door lock is a new system, there are still many people who are not sure whether they are more secure than traditional door locks.

Are electronic door locks safer than regular locks?

The evaluation of intelligent electronic lock in the security field has formed polarization.

Some people like them, think they are fast and convenient, and provide more intelligent and diversified services, while others hate them and think that they are still risky.

There is some truth in the views of both sides.

High-quality, professionally installed keyless electronic locks are safe, but are they safer than traditional locks?

There are industry leaders in both electronic locks and traditional locks, and these high-quality locks can all protect your family.

In fact, whether the smart lock is suitable for you, it depends on the needs of users.


It must be recognized that the main defect of the door lock security system is not the lock, but the user.

Most thieves are opportunists, and when we search the Internet for burglaries, we find that most of them break into the house through unlocked doors or using tools to break into the house when no one is home.

Although high-quality locks are an important security measure, they are just the icing on the cake.


How to know if you need a keyless door lock?

If you want to know if you need a keyless electronic door lock, please reflect on whether you meet the following situation, if so, then the electronic door lock is undoubtedly more suitable for you than the traditional door lock.

Always looking for keys everywhere

In fact, the original design purpose of smart door locks and even every smart home device is to increase convenience for people's lives.

After installing the smart door lock, you no longer need to carry a key with you or look for the key everywhere when you go out. You just need to set a password that you are familiar with, and then you can free your pocket.

are keyless door lock safe

Signstek's Bluetooth keyboard door lock can also be omitted from the step of entering a password. You just need to take your phone with you.

When your mobile phone APP is paired with a Bluetooth door lock and is close to the door, you can directly press the unlock button of the smart door lock to open the door.

Want to create a stylish first impression

If your door is stylish, you certainly don't want to give it a very old-fashioned door lock.

Fashionable appearance matching is also the reason for many people to buy smart electronic door locks.

If you are looking for a stylish electronic door lock, you must not miss Signstek's touchscreen keyboard lock.

are keyless door lock safe

It has two colors; classic black and modern white appearance can all be integrated with the touch screen with a sense of technology.

The touchscreen also has a blue backlight, making it easier for you to enter your password in the dark.

Let in friends when you’re away

If you are a vacation villa renter or someone with frequent visits from friends and family, a smart lock can make everyone's life easier.

The user-friendly design of the Signstek smart lock allows you to easily set up six sets of user codes, so you don't have to copy the keys.

Six groups of user codes contain one set of main codes, and you can tell the other five sets of codes to other family members or roommates.

With alternate code, they can use it indefinitely, and when you want to reclaim permissions, you can also use your main code to modify the alternate code to ensure the safety of your family.

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